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    Virgin Galactic, the commercial space travel venture spearheaded by billionaire mogul Richard Branson, plans to launch its inaugural flight this spring. The 2-hour journey will blast six passengers and two pilots nearly 70 miles into the sky, experiencing 3-to-5 minutes of weightlessness before turning back and landing at the company’s Spaceport in New Mexico.

    The flight costs $250,000 per passenger. So far, Virgin has sold 680 tickets and collected $80 million in deposits.

    All but the wealthiest few will be excluded from this opportunity for the time being, but such ventures can’t help but reignite a childlike sense of wonder in the rest of us. To think that such journeys might be commonplace one day is the stuff of science fiction. Pending FAA approval, Branson and company will soon be one step closer to making it a reality.

    But in the meantime, your imagination will have to suffice. Here are the defining images of Virgin Galactic, the company that may someday take you to outer space.