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    Sav's Seven Predictions

    The Trump Prediction

    On 7th November last year, I shared a post on Avia's Facebook page stating that despite the announcements which declared that Joe Biden had won the 2020 US Presidential elections, Donald Trump would nevertheless be restored to the White House. I reiterated this prediction on 17th December following the 14th December 'confirmation' of Biden's 'presidency' by the electoral college.

    Since then the US senate went on to endorse the electoral college confirmation and of course today Biden was 'inaugurated'.

    So what is my stand now?

    My stand remains unchanged. Donald Trump will be restored to the White House, and soon.


    Because (and as mentioned in the posts referred to above) these recent US elections were marred by unprecedented levels of corruption, meaning that the declared outcome was illegitimate and that Biden's 'presidency' is therefore illegitimate.

    How do I know this?

    There has already been much reported in the media concerning the fraud committed during the 2020 US election (and I of course refer to the smaller truthful media as opposed to the cesspool which is the mainstream media) and what I can add is that this corruption was diverse, extending even beyond America's borders. I can additionally say that there is an aspect of this corruption which is 'close to home' for me and even possesses an aviation 'link'. Once the details of this corruption are brought into the open, then what I have written will be better understood.

    Why is this election outcome important?

    While this obviously isn't important to some, it is important to me because of the scale of corruption involved, and which I believe is beyond anything recently witnessed in US politics. The US remains a formidable global influence, with her actions as a nation having far-reaching consequences for many other countries. There is another reason this past election is important to me, and which is my belief that behind the scenes we are witnessing the age-old struggle between good and evil, and for those who can see this and who are concerned, passivity is not an option because to accept falsehood is to endorse evil.

    Are you some sort of Trumpophile?

    I am not, neither am I American or a Republican. In fact (and based on my experience with such types) I inherently distrust politicians and those in the media, although (and mercifully) there are always exceptions. I possess an especial dislike for 'establishment' politicians who place their careers and self-serving interests above the well-being of the people they claim to serve, and these, I have discovered, are to be found in abundance on both sides of the isle in most countries. Moreover, there are several Trump policies I sharply disagree with, including (and perhaps most especially) his 'Operation Warp Speed' initiative.

    Nevertheless, it just so happens that Trump's administration is the first since Ronald Reagan's (1981-1989) to role back the tide of tyranny which in recent decades has seen an appalling erosion of civil liberties, the stifling of entrepreneurialism, the ratification of political and trade agreements which disadvantage middle and low-income earners, increasing taxation, the strengthening of monopolistic corporate interests, the culling of free speech and the curbing of religious liberties, to mention but a few of the harms inflicted.

    Other Predictions

    Having shared my Trump prediction, I may just as well share some other predictions of which I am convinced:
    • It will be discovered that the COVID vaccine is largely (if not entirely) ineffective in protecting against the Coronavirus.
    • There will continue to be harmful side-effects (many of them permanent) as well as fatalities associated with Coronavirus vaccines.
    • It will be proven that masks, social distancing and lockdowns were largely ineffective, but that the social and economic impact they caused were of greater harm than the pandemic they sought to stem.
    • It will be proven that the Coronavirus is synthetic and was intentionally created in China.
    • That (sadly) we will have to endure another type of virus in the times ahead.
    • And finally, on a more positive note and switching from politics to religion, that during this decade many will discover (and others recover) their faith in God.