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  • "The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth. He fulfils the desires of those who fear Him; He hears their cry and He rescues them." King David

    Saint Spiridon Church on the Isle of Elafonissos, Greece


    • 'We encounter many turns along life's way; when these come we do well to remember the words of Christ who said, "Broad is the road which leads to destruction and many are those who follow it, but narrow and difficult is the path which leads to life, and few are they who find it." Let us therefore do everything to be found among those who choose the right path.' Brother Giacomo

      Maria Gern Chapel, Berchtesgaden, Bavaria


      • "Whatever beauty we see, whether in nature or in the heart of man; comes from God." Brother Giacomo

        Sildpollnes Chapel, Vågan, Norway (Photo by Alexander Lauterbach)


        • "There is One God above all who is Creator of all and without whom nothing exists. The wisest of men have made it their purpose to discover Him; for He is a God who is willing to be found." Brother Giacomo

          Heli Glenorchy AS350B3 ZK-ITM (cn.4735) Mt. Earnslaw, New Zealand


          • "A brief reading of history reveals that those who have made the greatest impact for good, share one thing in common; a belief in God." Brother Giacomo

            Bethany Chapel, Oilmont, Montana

            Bethany Chapel Montana


            • "As a marriage without intimacy is barren, so too a life which is lived without God." Brother Giacomo

              Lötschenpass, Kandertal, Switzerland

              Lötschenpass, Switzerland


              • "What if God were to tell you that you are on His mind and that you matter to Him? And what if He just used these words to say just that!" Brother Giacomo

                The Church of St John the Evangelist Church, Bush End, Essex



                • "If the stars are known by name to God, then be sure that even more so, are you known to Him." Brother Giacomo

                  Ben Clare United Methodist Church, Valley Springs, South Dakota (Photo by Aaron Groen)

                  Ben Clare Church


                  • "If ever you desire to know if God exists, then look up and ask Him to reveal Himself to you, and if He sees that your heart truly desires to know Him, then according to His loving nature, He will respond." Brother Giacomo

                    The Chapel of St. Bernard, Gorner Ridge, Zermatt, Switzerland (Photo by Patrik Walde)



                    • "Can you live your life without talking to God? Sure you can. But be warned, of all the things you regret, this will top the list. Remember, being in a relationship with God is not the same as attending church. It is about seeking God and finding Him and then doing what He says, and while the church should help, the truth is we often fail. You must therefore find God for yourself. Be encouraged though, for you have been given a compass to aid you, and that compass is the Bible." Brother Giacomo

                      Flakstad Church in the Lofoten Archipelago, Norway (Photo by Soeren Friberg)


                      A Song for Sunday


                      • "A man who buys a horse would not be considered unreasonable should he ask to test it before making his payment. Similarly, how can we know whether religion is for us, unless we first experience that which God has to offer?" Brother Giacomo

                        Garðakirkja (Garda Church) in Álftarnes, Iceland (Photo by Thorfinnur Sigurgeirsson)