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  • The Fight for Freedom

    Raising Awareness of the Globalist Agenda to Control People Everywhere!

    Find out in the above video why Viktor Orbán is awake!

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    Another leader demonstrates they are awake to the globalist agenda ..


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      If Only Britain Had a Few More Like Katie!


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        If you've ever wondered where You Tube's allegiances lie, look no further than to the plethora of truth-telling videos which have been taken down because they challenge the 'globalist narrative'. Just shameful.


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          Police State Britain:


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            Originally posted by Savoia View Post

            Italy next please Lord!

            God love you Tommaso! As I mentioned to our British readers in 2016, such victories represent the beginning of new and tougher battles, much more so in Italy where we must still form a working government (no small matter given the results) and then if the right type of government is established, begin La Battaglia per L'Italia (The Battle for Italy).

            The impact for everyday Italians of being subjugated by mountains of oppressive EU legislation and of having been forced to embrace the inept euro, have been substantial, resulting in lower earnings and greater resistance to the efficient operation of our SME's which are at the heart of Italian commerce and culture. This is to say nothing of the EU's utterly destructive foreign policies.

            Regarding the future, I believe (sadly) we are going to see an increasing divide between northern and southern Italy. I love my southern countrymen (extremely), but there are many social and political challenges which presently divide us.

            There is much to do, and it begins by making yourself aware of the consequences of supporting globalism. If you are a 'thinking' person who cares about your children's future as well as the future for others, then please do the research!

            This may be a 'chance' for Italia, may God help us to do all we can to develop it into a step forward for our country and our peoples.


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              Police State Britain Finally Arrives!



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                More Police State Britain ..