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  • Heli-Yacht

    Mirabella III now Fitted with Helideck

    Earlier this month Merijn de Waard spotted the 41.4 metre superyacht Mirabella III in Palma, with a new Helipad. She is one of only a handful of large sailing yachts that has the capability to land a helicopter on deck.

    The helipad is not the only unusual thing about this yacht. She was built in 1994 in Thailand by Concorde Yachts, and is perhaps the only superyacht ever launched, using the assistance of elephants to transport the yachts from the building shed to the water!

    An R44, EC-LPO, aboard Mirabella III

    The R44 perched on the new helideck

    Mirabella: One of the few sailing yachts to be equipped with a helideck

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    EC135P2 M-ADBQ (registered to 'Knightspeed') as seen aboard the Feadship-built M/Y 'Air' in Cobh Harbour Co. Cork, Ireland on 7th May 2012 (Photo: Paul Daly)


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      A recent completion by Ancona-based CRN Yachts in Italy. No shots of an on board helicopter (as yet) though:


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        But here is an EC135 landing aboard the MY 'Skat' in Norway in July. This yacht used to carry an MD520N:


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          M/Y Octopus as seen in Reykjavik on 4th August 2010 (Photo: Majestic Rotors)


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            Support Yachts

            Helicopter pilot and superyacht captain Kenan Seginer discusses the merits of operating a dedicated support vessel:


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              On board the twin helipad Octopus


              • Helipixman
                Helipixman commented
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                Beautiful looking motor yacht but I think I will stick to my canoe and donate some money to Oxfam or other deserving charity

              • Savoia
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                Aye, signore Elipix, am with you there; for superyachts are perhaps the epitome of self-indulgent excess.

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              H175 G-DLBR landing aboard MY Dilbar in December 2019


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                AW139 VP-CMF as seen at Bern Airport in Switzerland in October 2020 (Photo by Chris Haag)

                VP-CMF on board the yacht 'Nord'


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                  S-76C++ VP-CYS landing aboard her mothership the Lady Moura

                  VP-CYS alongside the Lady Moura