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  • Heli-Books

    Anything and everything about books involving helicopters ..

    Heli-skiing is the topic of a new children’s book "The Rolling Snowball" by L.J. Walsh, perhaps an early Easter gift for your children.

    Also ..

    Released last year .. "Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor" by Tony Bleetman.


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    And .. not forgetting Denissimo's latest book:


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      Col. Ray "Frenchy" L'Heureux always dreamed of bring a pilot.

      Growing up, he built airplane models and dreamed about soaring over the earth. When he was twelve, his mom treated him to a flying lesson at the local airfield. Taken on a short flight by an instructor and allowed to operate the controls for part of the flight, he was hooked forever. It wasn't until he was running low on college funds and saw a recruiter at his college that he joined the Marines and began the journey towards his dream from Parris Island to Bravo Company and, then, officer training school.

      One day at an airfield when President Reagan landed on this way to a fundraiser, Frenchy's life changed forever when encountered HMX1, the squadron that flies the President in Marine One. When he saw the white-topped Sea King and White Hawk helicopters, he was determined to become part of that elite group.

      Inside Marine One is Col. L'Heureux's inspiring story of a young man who dreamed of flying, trained, studied and worked hard to become the pilot who ended up serving four US Presidents; George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. It's also a personal guided tour inside the world's most famous helicopter by a man who knows that flying machine better than any other.

      ​Inside Marine One is a great American success story of a young boy who dreamed big, worked hard, and finally flew the President of the United States as his number one passenger.


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        Designed to meet the needs of ALAT (French Army Light Aviation) who were looking for a new tactical transport helicopter in the aftermath of the Algerian war, the Puma became a successful military helicopter in France and abroad. The type went on to be widely used within the civilian market.

        The Puma has participated in most of the conflicts and crises of the past forty years from the Falklands to the Sahel, from the Balkans to Angola.

        More than fifty years after its first flight and as the end of its career approaches, here for the first time the little-known history of this helicopter is recounted in detail by Avia member Fabrice.