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    Argentine Federal Police take delivery of new EC135 and EC145

    In the last few weeks, the Argentine Federal Police have taken delivery of two new helicopters from Airbus Helicopters production plant in Germany. As usual, the two-tone blue aircraft carry large tactical codes as well as much smaller ATC registrations on the tail.


    The new aircraft are the first acquisitions for two and a half years, the last delivery being when they acquired their second EC135. These latest deliveries will see the last two Bo105s replaced. The fleet now consists of one BK117, two EC145s (one n an all-white scheme for VIP transport) and three EC135s.

    The new aircraft are:- H14 LQ-FQG EC135T2+ (serial 1132) - delivery around now - was still test flying in Germany mid February. H15 LQ-FQH EC145 (serial 9633) is already operational in Argentina.

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