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    MD600 Down: Northeast of Los Angeles

    An MD600 registration N606BP has crashed in Adelanto northeast of Los Angeles.

    The helicopter was said to have jdeparted Adelanto Airport when, shortly after take off, the MD600N helicopter began to rotate and eventually crashed.

    The crashed MD600 helicopter

    The pilot was airlifted to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton for treatment of a head injury. A second pilot and passengers suffered minor injuries.

    The accident is currently under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board, the Federal Aviation Administration and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.​


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      AW119 Hard Landing: New Jersey

      An AgustaWestland AW119 Mk II helicopter, registration N119HF, conducting a training flight at South Jersey Regional Airport in New Jersey has suffered at hard landing in which the entire tail section became detached.

      A spokesperson for AgustaWestland said: “This morning at approximately 11:00 AM EST, a helicopter owned by AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corporation experienced an incident upon landing at the South Jersey Regional Airport. Neither pilots on board reported injuries. We are cooperating with authorities to conduct a full investigation to determine the cause of this incident.”

      The helicopter after suffering a 'hard landing' as seen at the end of the South Jersey Regional Airport runway

      The tail section of the helicopter became separated from the aircraft during the hard landing​


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        AS350 Down: Iceland

        An AS350B2 belonging to Norðurflug has crashed on the Eyjafjallajökull glacier in South Iceland. The helicopter is unlikely to ever fly again and that there were no injuries is considered miraculous.

        At the time of writing, an Icelandic Coastguard helicopter is being prepared for takeoff to go and airlift the crashed Norðurflug helicopter down from the top of the glacier. The crashed chopper is severely damaged and the pilot and three-member film crew who were onboard at the time are all considered very lucky to be alive.

        Norðurflug AS350B2 TF-HDW which crashed in Iceland on 1st May

        The four men were all brought down from the glacier in another Norðurflug helicopter and were taken straight to hospital for check-ups, where they were all found to be completely un-injured, although in a state of shock.

        Members of the air accident investigation branch and the police in Hvolsvöllur were at the crash site until late last night and went straight back again this morning. It is hoped that the fog cover at the top of the glacier will clear enough for the removal operation in the coming hours; as the forecast on the glacier is not good for the next two days, Ví reported.

        It is believed the helicopter’s rotor blades hit the glacier ice at full speed, and that the helicopter rolled over onto its side. The blades are all either broken or bent, the aircraft fuselage is badly dented, and the windows smashed, among other damage.

        The incident occurred near the site of the famous 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption.

        According to Ragnar Guðmundsson of the air accident investigation team, it is not yet known how the accident occurred – but the weather was quite foggy at the time.​


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          Bell 206L Down: Brazil

          A Bell LongRanger belonging to Brazils' Nordeste Táxi Aéreo has crashed off Presidio Beach in Aquiraz-Fortaleza. The occupants managed to stay on top of the aircraft for about 10 minutes before being rescued by beachgoers.

          Two children, aged 11 and 14, were placed on top of an inflatable mattress while the remaining passengers and the pilot swam to shore. Among the passengers (none of whom were seriously injured) was the deputy mayor of Aquiraz, Marquinhos Callou.

          The cause of the accident is as yet unknown.

          Nordeste Táxi Aéreo LongRanger III PT-HTQ

          HTQ's tail section post crash


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            AS365N Down: Ghana

            Five people have died after an AS365N helicopter (registration TU-HAA) operated by Volta River Aviation with eight occupants on board crashed into the sea 20 nautical miles off Takoradi on the coast of Ghana, West Africa.

            Volta River Aviation SA360 helicopter similar to that which crashed

            The helicopter is believed to have been flying for Lukoil.



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              G-LBAL Interim Report / Special Bulletin


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                Bell 47 Destroyed By Fire: California

                A helicopter burst into flames in a lot off Rosedale Highway just before 5 p.m. Sunday prompting dozens of 911 calls.

                Witnesses said it appeared the small helicopter, possibly a crop-duster, was being moved in the lot off Rosedale Highway and Fruitvale Avenue when it tipped over and burst into flames.

                The remains of a Bell 47 helicopter following a fire off Rosedale Highway and Fruitvale Avenue Sunday, May 18, 2014

                A Kern County fire crew doused the flames and the incident was turned over to the sheriff's office.


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                  Bell 206L Hard Landing: Boston

                  Boston NBC affiliate WHDH‘s helicopter made what was described as a hard landing shortly after take off this morning.

                  The 7 News LongRanger in operation

                  “The Bell B206 helicopter reportedly experienced an engine problem as it took off,” an FAA spokesperson told Boston ABC affiliate WCVB.

                  7 News LongRanger at Beverly Airport after the hard landing

                  The tail became detached during the landing

                  WCVB reports the chopper’s tail rotor had broken off. The helicopter landed on a taxi way at Beverly Municipal Airport.

                  No injuries have been reported.


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                    Bell 206 Down: Uganda

                    A UPDF (Uganda Defence Force) Bell 206 helicopter has crash-landed at Abalo-kodi at Atiak sub-county in Amuru district Wednesday, injuring a UPDF Captain onboard. The helicopter is said to have been extensively damaged.

                    The UPDF fourth division spokesman, Capt. Isaac Oware said Capt. Ketgin Mugisha sustained injuries on his head following the accident.

                    He said the hurt army man was taken to St. Mary’s hospital Lacor in Gulu where he is receiving treatment.

                    A UPDF Bell 206 similar to the one which crashed

                    The incident happened at about 3pm local time (EAT) when the army aircraft was flying from the embattled South Sudan back to Gulu UPDF fourth Division barracks.

                    On average, a chopper flight from Juba to Gulu in the chopper lasts about an hour.

                    Capt. Oware that the chopper hit an eagle in mid-air but he did not reveal the aircraft’s flying-at-average height.

                    The incident occurred between Bia-bia and Atiak.

                    After the pilot lost control of the machine, the chopper rammed into an electric pole and then crash landed, he reported.

                    Both the pilot and co-pilot of the ill-fated chopper survived unhurt and were both evacuated to safety in Gulu.


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                      Bell UH-1 Down: Washington State

                      There were some scary moments for a pilot Friday afternoon as his helicopter crashed about 15 miles northeast of Prescott in Washington State.

                      The pilot, 61-year-old Tom Archer, was taking off around 3:30 p.m. in his Bell UH-1H “Huey” when it unexpectedly went down, according to his wife, Carol.

                      The crashed UH-1 yesterday

                      Carol adds that her husband, Tom, hadn’t flown the helicopter in about a month and was lifting off from their property, located on the 300 block of Shea Road, when it crashed.

                      Tom suffered only a few bumps and bruises and did not require medical transport to a hospital.

                      Tom was flying alone as this particular helicopter is not equipped to carry any other passengers and nobody on the ground was injured.

                      ​The pilot was not seriously injured

                      Tom and Carol own Archer Aviation and specialize in agricultural spraying, cherry drying and firefighting operations.

                      The FAA is to investigate the crash.


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                        R22 Down: California

                        A Las Vegas man was killed Friday morning when a helicopter crashed in Santa Paula, fire officials said.

                        The victim was identified by the coroner as Philip Isaac Margolis, 42.

                        Authorities responded to reports of a chopper down in the 900 block of Corporation Street about 10:30 a.m., according to the Ventura County Fire Department.

                        The search area was located about two to three miles from the Santa Paula Airport near Highway 126.

                        The R22 which crashed north of Santa Paula Airport

                        Power lines were taken down and a small brush fire was reported near the crash site, fire officials said.

                        "We don't know if the power lines were cause or effect," said Bill Nash of the Ventura County Fire Department.

                        The unidentified chopper crashed in a dry river bed, according to a statement from Ian Gregor of the Federal Aviation Administration.

                        Branding on the chopper indicated it belonged to the company Channel Islands Helicopters. Based out of Oxnard Airport, the company offers tours along the Pacific coast from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara.

                        The heliopter was identified as a Robinson R22 helicopter, according to a tweet from the Ventura County Fire Department.

                        Santa Paula firefighters assisted in the search.

                        Details surrounding the crash were not immediately available.


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                          Aircraft Down: Spain

                          A HELICOPTER has crashed into power cables between Manilva and Casares, throwing its pilot down a ravine.

                          Emergency services are attempting to retrieve the body of the pilot - 200 metres from the site of the crash – with the aid of another helicopter.

                          Power company workers discovered damaged power cables and helicopter debris in the Sierra Utera ridge at 8am this morning, prompting them to call Guardia Civil.

                          Firefighters first attempted to retrieve the body on foot, but found the ravine made it impossible.

                          An investigation is now underway into the cause of the crash.


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                            Brantly B2 Down: Baltimore, Maryland

                            A Brantly B-2 helicopter has crashing in Baltimore, Maryland.

                            State police said the helicopter experienced an unknown mechanical problem and the pilot stated that he tried to troubleshoot the problem but was unable to identify the malfunction. The helicopter made a hard landing; however, it was not enough to collapse the landing gear. After landing, the helicopter rolled onto its left side when the blades were destroyed.

                            ​The Brantly B2 which crashed yesterday on Hart-Miller Island in Baltimore, Maryland

                            The pilot and a passenger escaped with minor injuries.

                            Baltimore County marine units responded to the scene along with a state police helicopter.

                            It's unclear who owns the helicopter and authorities have yet to release the names of those involved in the crash.



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                              Bell 47 Down: Minnesota

                              A 71-year-old St. Cloud pilot is in critical condition after crashing a helicopter into a barn in Morrison County Wednesday morning.

                              The Morrison County Sheriff’s Office says they received the report of the crash in Ripley Township at approximately 10:18 a.m. Upon arrival, deputies discovered that the crop dusting helicopter crashed on the roof of a barn, located off of Haven Road north of 233rd Street.

                              The Bell 47 crashed into the roof of a barn

                              Emergency responders could see the pilot inside the helicopter, but were unable to immediately help him due to the helicopter being crashed through the roof of the barn, but not through the interior ceiling.

                              Firefighters were eventually able to remove the pilot by using an aerial ladder truck.

                              “This was an extremely difficult and challenging rescue with the precarious position of the victim and his helicopter,” Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel said. “Firefighters and personnel from both Gold Cross and North Memorial Ambulance, along with Morrison County deputies did an outstanding job of quickly and safely removing the victim from the wreckage under extremely dangerous and challenging conditions.”

                              The pilot, identified as Gary Earl Oleen, was then airlifted to St. Cloud Hospital where he is listed in critical condition.

                              Wetzel says the FAA is investigating and the cause of the crash has not been determined.


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                                R44 Down: Anchorage

                                A helicopter has crashed killing a pilot and injuring a bystander at Birchwood Airport Wednesday afternoon, according to the Chugiak Volunteer Fire Department.

                                "The pilot died in the crash, and a bystander was injured with burns and taken to Providence Hospital," said David Eastman, spokesperson for CVFD. "It was a male bystander."

                                It is unclear whether the helicopter, identified by the National Transportation Safety Board as a Robinson R44, was taking off or landing, according to NTSB spokesperson Clint Johnson.

                                NTSB investigator Clint Johnson photographs the scene of a Robinson R44 helicopter crash at Birchwood Airport on Wednesday, May 28, 2014

                                According to NTSB investigator Catherine Gagne, also at the scene of the crash, few facts have been determined thus far.

                                "It's very early in an investigation," Gagne said. "We do have a helicopter crash here: it's Robinson R44, the aircraft did burn."

                                What is known is that the crash was reported at 2:34 p.m. and that the helicopter is privately owned: "It's a company, but we're not sure which one," Johnson said.

                                Johnson says the helicopter appeared to have been hauling a sling load at the time of the crash.

                                "From talking to witnesses, it sounds like the pilot was practicing with a sling load where it had 100-foot line, 150-foot line attached to the bottom of the helicopter," Johnson said. "The bottom of the longline was a weighted barrel."

                                Investigators are trying to figure out what happened by piecing together surveillance video. While Johnson says the fire has likely destroyed some evidence, a Robinson Helicopters representative will be in Alaska to view the wreckage by the end of the week.



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                                  Bell 206 Down: Maine

                                  A Bell 206 helicopter has crashed in the woods off East River Road, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Detective Ron Rollins said. The pilot told another officer the helicopter had run out of fuel, Rollins said.

                                  The pilot, the helicopter’s lone occupant, was able to get himself out of the damaged craft and, after being found, walk out of the woods, Whitefield Fire Captain Tom Feeney said at the scene.

                                  “He was very fortunate. He walked out on his own power, so that was a big thing,” Feeney said.

                                  This Bell 206 crashed on Friday May 30th in a densely wooded area after the pilot confessed he ran out of fuel

                                  Landowner Kathleen Woodbury said she found the pilot, already outside the helicopter and on his feet, near the edge of her property. She was outside her home doing yardwork when she heard what sounded like a helicopter in trouble. She and several neighbors said they are used to hearing helicopters come and go from Maine Helicopters nearby, but that what they heard Friday afternoon sounded different. Some described clunking or other sounds, then dead silence followed by a loud crashing sound.

                                  Ambulance near the scene of the crash. The pilot sustained only light abrasions

                                  “I’m just glad I was here to hear it,” Woodbury said. She went out looking on her all-terrain vehicle and found the craft and the pilot, a long way into the woods. He was bleeding from the head but said he was fine, she said.

                                  Delta Ambulance later took the pilot to an area hospital, emergency officials said at the scene.

                                  Maine Helicopters’ director of maintenance Jim McCully confirmed the helicopter belonged to the business, and that the pilot had been returning from a job when the accident occurred. McCully described the helicopter as substantially damaged.

                                  The helicopter's main rotors were severely damaged in the crash

                                  The Federal Aviation Administration will be handling the investigation into the crash, Rollins said. The sheriff’s department is not investigating; its role was to help in the effort to find the pilot and then secure the scene, he said.

                                  Several agencies helped in the incident. “It was a great response,” Rollins said. In addition to the sheriff’s department, Delta Ambulance, Whitefield Fire Department and Whitefield Emergency Medical Service, other responding agencies included the Maine Warden’s Service and Maine Forest Service; a Maine State Police plane was on the way but was turned back after the pilot was located, Rollins said.

                                  The pilot’s name was not yet being released. He was believed to be 50 years old, Rollins said.



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                                    Mi-8 Down: Murmansk

                                    "According to preliminary reports, a helicopter Mi-8 of air company SPARK has crashed on the lake at the settlement of Vostochnoye Munozero. The helicopter was carrying 18 people, including five crewmembers," the EMERCOM national emergency response centre said, noting that "According to preliminary reports, two people survived and were taken to hospital. The fate of others is unclear."

                                    Search operation is in progress and information relating to the crash being verified.

                                    A SPARK Mi-8 helicopter

                                    Meanwhile, the Murmansk regional emergency situation department noted that reports came at 10.57pm Moscow time (7.57pm BST) that the helicopter Mi-8 in Tersky district of the region did not go on line. "The helicopter was to go on the line at 9.50pm Moscow time (6.50pm BST). A helicopter Mi-8 was dispatched for search overnight to Sunday," the regional emergencies department said.


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                                      MD500 Down: Mesa

                                      A Mesa Police Department helicopter has made an emergency landing at night after suffering a complete engine failure during a routine patrol in the early hours of Sunday morning, according to Sgt. Tony Landato with the Mesa Police Dept.

                                      The two pilot police officers who were on board were not injured.

                                      Mesa Police Department MD500E

                                      The MD500 went down at approximately 12:55 am in a field in Gilbert near Baseline Road and Stapley Drive. The tail section of the helicopter snapped off during impact.

                                      The 500 being recovered earlier today post-engine failure

                                      Sgt. Landato said the officers had 10 to 15 seconds from the time the engine failed to when the helicopter hit the ground. During that short time, they were able to navigate between structures to a small alfalfa field on some farming property.

                                      No people on the ground were injured and no structures were damaged.



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                                        Bell 206L Down: Gulf of Mexico

                                        The United States Coast Guard has confirmed that a civilian helicopter with two on board has crashed into the Gulf of Mexico while trying to land on an oil rig platform.

                                        The helicopter is believed to be a Bell 206L operated by Westwind Helicopters of Texas although this information is still being confirmed.

                                        A Bell 206L-4 of Westwind Helicopters

                                        Petty Officer Carlos Vega, a spokesman for the Coast Guard, said a distress call was received at about 2:40 p.m. He said the crash occurred in South Timbalier Block 317, about 60 miles south of Terrebonne Bay.

                                        "The rig deployed a life raft and the Coast Guard sent a MH-65 Dolphin helicopter, an HC-130 Ocean Sentry fixed-wing aircraft, a cutter and an 87-foot patrol boat named are searching for survivors," Vega said. "Two Good Samaritan vessels offered their assistance and are helping us with the search."

                                        Vega declined to give the names of the helicopter company or the rig owner or operator.

                                        The crew of a nearby rig reported the crash Wednesday afternoon. The aircraft reportedly sank before the rig crew could get to it.

                                        The aerial search for the missing men has been suspended because of darkness, but an ocean vessel will continue to search through the night.

                                        Last August, a helicopter crashed 30 miles southwest of Terrebonne Bay while trying to land on a rig platform. There were no fatalities. A ship nearby rescued the three survivors.


                                        Update 1
                                        • Westwind now confirmed as operator of downed LongRanger
                                        • Two bodies have been found underwater near the site of the sunken aircraft
                                        A dive team assisting the U.S. Coast Guard with the search for two people on board a helicopter that went down in the Gulf found two bodies this morning.

                                        A U.S. Coast Guard spokesman said he cannot confirm yet whether the bodies are the two missing from the helicopter crash. The search began yesterday after a helicopter crashed in the South Timbalier Block 317 area of the Gulf of Mexico, about 60 miles south of Terrebonne Parish.

                                        Oil rig workers who reported the crash said they deployed a life raft, but the chopper sank before the life raft could get there.

                                        The dive team was on board the Adam Challenger vessel, one of several good samaritan boats that was helping the U.S. Coast Guard in its search. Divers found the bodies between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m.

                                        Westwind Helicopters, the owner of the helicopter, has not responded to requests for comment.

                                        Update 2
                                        • Statement issued by Westwind Helicopters
                                        The owners of the helicopter which crashed in the US Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday said it is investigating the cause of the accident that killed two people.
                                        Texas-based Westwind Helicopters said in a statement on Thursday that it is working alongside the US National Transportation Safety Board to determine the cause of the crash involving one of their Bell 206-L4 aircraft.

                                        The helicopter went down on Wednesday afternoon as it was approaching a platform in South Timbalier Block 317 owned by Renaissance Offshore and operated by Wood Group, which had contracted out transportation duties to Westwind.

                                        The helicopter sunk between 150 and 200 yards from the production platform. The bodies of the pilot and a passenger were recovered. Both "sustained fatal injuries", Westwind said.

                                        "The deceased have been recovered thanks to the tireless efforts of US Coast Guard first responders and others on the scene," the company said in a statement. "Everyone at Westwind offers their deepest condolences to the families and friends of our pilot and the passenger, and we are keeping those affected in our prayers during this difficult time."

                                        The incident occurred about 90 miles south of Houma, Louisiana.

                                        It was the second time a Westwind-owned helicopter hit the water in as many weeks. On 30 May, one of the company's aircraft made a "hard landing" on a platform about 45 miles south-east of Marsh Island, Louisiana, and subsequently fell off.

                                        Six people were aboard but none were injured. All were safely evacuated.


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                                          Hughes 300 Down: Belgium

                                          A Hughes 300 helicopter has crashed this afternoon in southwestern Belgium, killing at least one person and injuring another, local press have reported.

                                          The incident occurred around 17:00 (1500 GMT) at Cerfontaine, a commune in the province of Namur.

                                          The helicopter is believed to be OO-JCS

                                          OO-JCS as seen at Cerfontaine Airport on 25th May 2014

                                          "The accident occurred near the Cerfontaine airfield. Firefighters and paramedics from the nearby town have arrived on the location," according to the rescue center of this area.

                                          A security perimeter has been delimited to allow the rescue services to help the two people on board.

                                          "One of the two passengers would have died, the second would be seriously injured," indicated the rescue center.

                                          It is said that the accident occurred at an annual test in the presence of an experienced pilot.


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                                            OH-58B Kiowa Down: Austria

                                            An Austrian Armed Forces helicopter has crashed during a training exercise in the Tux Alps in the state of Tyrol on Tuesday afternoon, killing one occupant and leaving two others seriously injured.

                                            The cause of the accident was as yet unknown, as was the height from which the helicopter descended, though initial reports from local media indicate the pilot was forced to make a hard landing.

                                            The Austrian Air Force Bell OH-58, registration 3C-OD, which crashed at Wattener Lizum in Austria killing one person and injuring two others

                                            The fatally injured man is a 33-year-old from the state of Lower Austria, with the two others, the 28-year-old female pilot and another 35-year-old male passenger were flown to a clinic in Innsbruck where they were operated on later in the afternoon.

                                            The clinic later reported that neither were in a life-threatening condition.

                                            Spokesperson for the military Pierre Kugelweis told the APA the state-of-the-art Bell OH-58 Kiowa helicopter was a complete write-off.

                                            He said the Ministry of Defence has now set up an accident commission into the cause of the crash, and added he hoped preliminary details could be found by Wednesday afternoon.


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                                              AS350 Down: Norway

                                              An AS350B3e, registration LN-OSY, of Norway's Pegasus Helicopters has crashed in Dovre, south central Norway. Five persons were on board the helicopter but only minor injuries were sustained.

                                              The aircraft was on contract to Norway's Armed Forces and was being used for reconnaissance clearing operations at the Hjerkinn artillery range when, shortly after take off it crashed among scrub.

                                              AS350B3e which has crashed in Norway

                                              No further details are currently available as to what may have caused the crash.



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                                                R66 Down: Russia

                                                A Russian registered R66 with four persons on board has crashed in the Apsheron District of the Krasnodar region. All on board are believed to have perished.

                                                Remains of the R66

                                                A Russian R66 similar to the one that crashed



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                                                  AS350 Down: Near Idaho, USA

                                                  An AS350 'Astar' helicopter has crashed northwest of Paul sending its three occupants to the hospital, officials say.

                                                  The aircraft, operated by Reeder Flying Service, of Twin Falls, was headed northeast when it came down in a green, irrigated hay field about 300 yards north of Idaho Highway 24 near mile post 40, said Lincoln County Sheriff Kevin Ellis. The call came in about 5:30 p.m., he said.

                                                  Reeder Flying Service Astar which crashed Sunday

                                                  Two male occupants were transported to Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello, Ellis said. A third man was transported by ground to St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center in Twin Falls.

                                                  Ellis said all three men were conscious and talking when medics arrived.

                                                  As seen after the crash

                                                  Sunday was a windy day, with gusts coming out of the west.

                                                  The blue and white helicopter, which appeared to have come down on its landing gear, was crushed and the rotors torn off.

                                                  "Very lucky we had survivors," Chief Randy Sutton, with West End Fire Protection District, said at the scene.

                                                  Early reports erroneously indicated the aircraft was being chartered by the Bureau of Land Management.

                                                  BLM personnel saw the downed helicopter and assisted, said Kelsey Dehoney, BLM spokeswoman. She said it was not a BLM aircraft and was not working a fire.



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                                                    Mi-26 Destroyed in Refuelling Accident

                                                    An Mi-26T helicopter belonging to the Russian Ministry of Emergency situations was destroyed by fire on 4th July following a refuelling accident at Khabarovsk Airport in Eastern Russia.

                                                    The burnt-out Mi-26

                                                    One person was injured in the accident which is being investigated.


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                                                      Second Robinson Down in Russia

                                                      Less than a week after a fatal Robinson accident involving an R66 which crashed in the Apsheron District of the Krasnodar region, another Robinson (the model number not yet being identified) has crashed today in Tartarstan in the Volga District.

                                                      The pilot is believed to have sustained serious injuries.


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                                                        Mi-17 Down: Macedonia

                                                        A fatal accident has occurred near Strumica Gross Market in Macedonia when a police helicopter crashed killing all four persons on board.

                                                        Macedonian Police Mi-17

                                                        The cause of the accident is still unknown as well as whether there are any civilian casualties. According to unofficial sources four persons (border police) were in the helicopter when it crashed.

                                                        Firefighting teams attended a post-crash fire.

                                                        The crashed Mi-17

                                                        The Ministry of Interior has not published details on the accident yet.

                                                        Eyewitness reports stated that the helicopter hit a 140m antenna, that the aircraft was flying without lights and seemed to be out of control.


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                                                          Enstrom Down: Florida

                                                          A three-seat helicopter giving rides at the St. Lucie County Fair crashed about 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon but there were no injuries, according to a Sheriff's Office deputy.

                                                          Det. John Parow said pilot Brian Hall of Lima, Ohio, and his two passengers, Larry Binns and Matthew Clark, both of Vero Beach, were not injured in the crash at the St. Lucie County Fairgrounds.

                                                          The crashed Enstrom

                                                          Parow said the pilot said the helicopter was climbing out of the fairgrounds at about 200 feet when the low fuel pressure warning light came on. He said the pilot told him the engine started to sputter and Hall went into emergency landing procedures and was able to maneuver the yellow helicopter to an empty field on the southwest corner of the fairgrounds.

                                                          The helicopter landed upright but the landing gear and tail rotor section were damaged, according to a statement prepared by Sheriff Ken Mascara.

                                                          David Kee of Palm City, said "I heard a couple of pops, like an engine backfire. I watched him bank left and then I saw him 'autorotate' into the field," meaning the pilot used the blades to slow the aircraft. "Seems like the pilot did a pretty good job of landing."

                                                          Parow said the accident remains under investigation.

                                                          A Federal Aviation Administration inspector arrived 6 p.m. from Orlando to investigate the crash. His report will be turned over the National Transportation Safety Board, which will rule on a cause.


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                                                            Bell 47 Down: Puget Sound, Washington State

                                                            A Bell 47 helicopter crashed Saturday into Puget Sound waters near Kingston off the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State, but all occupants of the aircraft were able to escape and get to shore with the help of local residents, authorities said.

                                                            The chopper lost altitude rapidly during an apparent landing attempt and hit the water at about 3:27 p.m. Saturday about 30 feet offshore, in water that is only a few feet deep, about 1½ miles north of Kingston.

                                                            The helicopter sunk after hitting the water, but all three of its occupants were able to escape and make it to shore, said Michele Laboda of North Kitsap Fire & Rescue.

                                                            Two bystanders quickly leapt into action, entered the water and helped the occupants to safety as firefighters arrived on scene.

                                                            One of the rescuers told KOMO News that the chopper was on its side and the water was up to the chins of victims still trapped when they got there.

                                                            Two of three occupants - the pilot and a woman passenger - were uninjured. Another woman was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries, Laboda said.

                                                            One of the survivors was unable to release her seatbelt and confessed:
                                                            "I was screaming, 'God, help me, please do something." I was screaming at him, 'Do something! Release me! I want to survive!'" "I was worried about my kids. I have six kids and I said, 'God, I'm not ready to die, please don't let me die at this time' said Tatyana Kutsenko.

                                                            Only a small amount of aviation fuel leaked from the helicopter. Firefighters deployed absorbent material around the source to contain it.

                                                            It is not immediately known what caused the chopper to go down.

                                                            There will be a salvage operation to recover the helicopter, and deputies will also try to preserve evidence for federal aviation authorities to investigate, said Scott Wilson of the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office.

                                                            Photo record:

                                                            Residents of Puget Sound assist the crash victims

                                                            All on board come ashore

                                                            Crash site at high tide

                                                            The helicopter remained submerged for several hours

                                                            Crash survivor Tatyana Kutsenko with the Bell 47 at low tide


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                                                              Dauphin Down: South Korea

                                                              An AS365N3 Dauphin2 helicopter operated by South Korea's Gangwon Fire Department has crashed in the town of Gwangju in the southwestern region of Korea (approximately 330 km south of Seoul) killing all five persons on board.

                                                              The aircraft was returning to its home base in Gangwon Province (in northeast Korea) from Gwangju Airport after having completed an early morning sortie to Jindo (the area off the southeastern coast of Korea where the MV Sewol ferry disaster occurred). The helicopter had been involved in post-rescue operations surrounding the aftermath of the MV Sewol disaster.

                                                              Those killed in the crash were identified as follows:

                                                              Jeong Seong-cheol - Pilot
                                                              Park In-don - Copilot
                                                              An Byeong-guk - Helicopter Engineer
                                                              Sin Yeong-ryong - Rescuer
                                                              Lee Eun-gyo - Firefighter

                                                              L-R: Jeong Seong-cheol, 52; Park In-don, 50; Ahn Byung-guk, 38; Sin Yeong-ryong, 42; and Lee Eun-gyo

                                                              The early morning sortie to Jindo was cut short due to poor weather forcing the aircraft to return to Gwangu Airport (from where it was temporarily operating) at about 09:30am. At 10:25am the Rescuer, Sin Yeong-ryong, called the Gangwon Fire Department from his mobile to advise that the aircraft would be returning to its home base at Gangneung Airport in Gangwon Province. At 10:45am the helicopter departed Gwangu Airport for Gangneueng and crashed 4 minutes later at 10:49am.

                                                              Video footage shows the Dauphin helicopter plummeting into the ground at high speed in a nose down attitude having lost all control. The aircraft exploded on impact on a street in Gwangju creating a fireball which consumed the helicopter.

                                                              An 18 year old schoolgirl, identified as Miss Park, was hit in the leg by flying debris from the impact but her injuries were reported as being non-life-threatening.

                                                              The cause of the accident is at this stage unknown.

                                                              The Gangwon Fire Department AS365N3 Dauphin2 registration HL9461 (GW001) which crashed this morning (Photo: Seongsu Kim)

                                                              The helicopter was returning to its headquarters in Gangwon Province after participating in post-rescue operations related to the MV Sewol ferry disaster, fire officials in Gwangju said speaking on condition of anonymity.

                                                              The helicopter caught fire after crashing

                                                              The crash killed all five fire officers aboard the helicopter, while a female high school student on the ground received minor injuries, officials have said.

                                                              Firefighters inspect the wreckage of a helicopter which crashed near an apartment complex and school in Gwangju, South Korea, Thursday, July 17, 2014

                                                              Rescue workers attend the crash site

                                                              TV images showed the burning helicopter and a plume of black smoke rising up above buildings.

                                                              The ferry sinking caused widespread worry about South Korea’s lax safety culture. Most of hose killed were high school students.

                                                              Video footage showing the impact of the helicopter:

                                                              Video footage of post-crash fire: