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Expansion at Western Helicopters

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  • Expansion at Western Helicopters

    Western Helicopters, helicopter service and specialty training provider, has recently moved its facility from Rialto, Calif. to the Riverside, Calif., Municipal Airport. The company has also added two more instructors and eight additional aircraft, along with a new Airbus Helicopters AS350 training course.

    William Cowhey and Dan Catalano, both highly experienced airborne law enforcement pilots, have joined the company as instructors, and Western’s available fleet now includes one MD Helicopter MD 500D, MD 500E, 300C and S58T, two MD 530Fs and seven AS350s.

    Western Helicopters is known for its specialty training designed to prepare pilots for everything from mountain flying and precision long line to complex utility work. Primary flight training for private and commercial pilots and flight instructors is also available. Operational services include environmental surveys, utility, charter, aerial photography, and more.