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    Winter 2014, on a beautiful sunny I had he privilege to fly with a former student from my Sevierville SCC days. There is no such thing as to much training. I encourage anyone and everyone regardless of their experience to stay current on both book knowledge and flying capability.

    On this particular afternoon we brushed up on all the maneuvers, going from the basic hover work, max takeoff, hydraulics, simulated engine failures, hover autos, governor off work, and etc.

    Estil did a great job, showed much improvement as we knocked off some of the dust that had formed over time. Now, the key is to keep off the dust and to take the level of proficiency to the next level.

    Listen out for the comment at 2mins "This is smoother than a 407!"

    As in for real?? Must be one messed-up 407 he's drivin'!