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  • Heli-Dogs

    And opportunity to share the joy of heli-dogs!

    The 'Cyrilcraft' SA341B RA-05709 (WA1184) as seen at Mostovoy Airfield in November 2018 (Photo by Kirill)

    This canine is the Mostovoy Airfield dog, and who as it happens, is named after a French helicopter, namely the Lama. We are pleased therefore to present photographic evidence of a Lama guarding a Gazelle!

    Our thanks to Avia member Kirill for this lovely shot!

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    Heli-Dog 'Artouste' as seen at Eli-Fly's Esine base in Brescia

    Having encountered the Russian heli-dog 'Lama' whom we saw guarding a Gazelle, I thought it was only fitting to reveal the Italian heli-dog 'Artouste' who lives at Eli-Fly's Esine base in northern Italy where he is responsible for guarding Lamas!


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      Chilean Heli-Dog by Anthony Pecchi

      Maintaining the 'Lama-link', Anthony Pecchi captured this heli-dog in the land of llamas!


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        Heli-dog and search dog 'Tuscany' seated in a US Coast Guard MH-65 'Dolphin' at the US Coast Guard's Humboldt Bay Air Station in McKinleyville, California

        Tuscany is part of a search a rescue team which is attached to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office in California, and along with other aviating canines, periodically participates in helicopter access and egress training days.

        Tuscany gets ready to dismount a USCG MH-65 at Humboldt Bay Air Station


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          Heli-Dog 'Redhead' as seen at the Fly Sky helibase in Tsalkoti, Abkhazia in February 2019

          Avia member Sergey has kindly contributed this lovely photo of heli-dog Ryzhevolosyy (which means 'Redhead' in Russian) seen here at the Fly Sky helibase in Tsalkoti, Abkhazia.

          He is a lovely dog, grazie Sergey!


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            Heli-Dog 'Jak' as seen with RA-05708 in Tsalkoti, Abkhazia in March 2019

            Avia member Sergey is introducing us to a new heli-dog 'Jak', seen above with RA-05708 and below with 'Riziy' (Redhead) who appeared in the previous post.

            Heli-Dog 'Riziy' as seen with new heli-dog 'Jak' with RA-05708 in Tsalkoti, Abkhazia in March 2019

            Once again, our great thanks to Sergey for these lovely shots!


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              Heli-Dog 'Belyi' with RA-1565G in Arkyhz, Karachay-Cherkessia, Russia in March 2019

              With thanks to Alexander for this lovely shot depicting 'Belyi' (meaning white) resting in front of Russian Lama RA-1565G.


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                SA341G N700SH (cn.1154) as seen in Lotenhulle, Belgium on 25th August 2019 (Photo by Kurt)

                Heli-Dog 'Tessy' a six-year-old Border Collier seen sitting in the 'Kurtcraft'. With thanks to Avia member Kurt for this lovely photo!


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                  Heli-Dog 'Thira' with SA318C N318TR (cn.2189) as seen in Tampa, Florida in January 2018


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                    Heli-Dog 'Puma' as seen at at Mostovoy Airfield in December 2020
                    (Photo courtesy of Avia member Kirill)


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                      Puppy with RA-05709 in Bratsk, Russia in February 2021 (Photo courtesy of Avia member Kirill)

                      Seen above is the as yet unnamed puppy of 'Lama' the heli-dog featured in post #1.

                      Kirill has said that he will advise us once the puppy is named and which information I will ass as a comment below this post.

                      Heli-Dog 'Guinness' with MBH AS350B3 at Megève Altiport in the Rhône-Alpes in January 2021 (Photo by Eric Renauld)