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    Nation-hating, freedom-loathing socialists, together with a lesser number of those from the leave camp, have turned Britain's referendum into something of a farce. While tragic, this was perhaps to be expected.

    This does not detract however from the significant consequences which will result from the choice that Britons make this Thursday. It is a choice which will impact other European nations, especially those desiring their own referendum.

    From what I sense of how this fight is progressing, I am not overly optimistic of a leave result but .. no matter what the odds may be, those who understand the fundamentally corrupt nature of the political architecture which birthed what is now known as the EU, as well as those who perceive this organisation's clearly Machiavellian practices, are morally bound (in my humble opinion) to do their 'bit', not just for the UK, but for freedom-loving individuals all across Europe.

    So, to those who are 'on board' with voting for Britain's future independence from the bureaucratic monstrosity which is the EU, this is by way of encouraging you not to give up and to urge you, as best as you are able, to share with as many as possible your reasons for fighting for the right to determine your own future.

    Click on the Storm Clouds logo below to access four highly recommended referendum/EU related videos which I believe to be 'essential' pre-vote viewing. Please share these with anyone you believe may be open to understanding the truth on this matter.

    Oh, and yes .. Biggles really did fly an 'A' model 206!


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      I wish to thank every Aviaforan who voted leave.

      You have given many Europeans hope. Hope that we too might obtain a referendum in our own countries. I can tell you with certainty that Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy are among those countries fighting for such an opportunity.

      Sadly, many do not yet understand the profound significance of being unshackled from the horrific constraints of the EU, but I pray that over time this will become clearer.

      For Britain specifically, does this mean that everything will be 'rosy'? No. In fact you will face a fair battle from this moment on, but it is one worth fighting for in order to re-shape your future in a way that honestly reflects those values and virtues unique to the British culture. As a result, everyone will be better served.

      Many many congratulations to the peoples of Britain. You have won for yourselves a great victory for freedom and liberty, one which has been long overdue.

      Italy next please Lord!


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        I especially admire the courage of Britain to have made this decision because the Eurozone is not sufficiently devolved and which leads to many failures.


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          Nigel Tells it Like it is ..

          And someone who was saying the same thing in the mid-90's ..