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    What Equality?

    A software engineer and the former CEO of Mozilla (creator of the Firefox web browser), has designed a new browser despite being shunned for his belief in traditional marriage.

    Life Site News has reported that Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and the former CEO of Mozilla, has released a new internet browser called Brave.

    Eichs is an adept computer engineer, but he was heavily shunned after it was revealed that he had contributed to California’s Proposition 8 bill which defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman.

    For his support of the bill, Eichs was called a racist, Nazi, and inhumane. However, he did not back down on his beliefs and he has now returned to the tech scene with a newer, better internet browser.

    Catherine Corre, who is part of the Brave project, explained why Eichs chose the name:

    “Brendan picked the name 'Brave' because we need users who will take a stand and fight back," Corre told LifeSiteNews. "We see third party ads and tracking as toxic, and we block that by default."
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    Equality is meant to be just that, equality. However, when one group insists that any but their own view is unacceptable and malevolently target those with differing opinions, you either fight back or be subjugated - and the latter is most definitely not egalitarian!

    For this reason we are pleased to support Brendan Eich's new 'brave' initiative and encourage others to check out this browser for themselves.

    Click on the lion logo below to find out more about this brave new browser!