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The Courchevel Citation

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  • The Courchevel Citation

    ​Every once in a while​ someone does something which might be described as being a little 'on the edge'.

    Ill-conceived, unnecessary, insane? Perhaps.

    And yet some of us, if we are honest, find an appeal which may be hard to justify. Perhaps it is a longing for freedom from the ever increasing strictures which seem to strangle our industry, or maybe a hankering for that spirit of adventure which hallmarked aviation's early pioneers, I don't know.

    But, I will readily admit that when I saw this departure I thought to myself .. wow .. how thrilling would that have been!

    Anyway, I thought this was a blast .. and I hope you will too!

    The Courchevel Citation, from two perspectives:

    Elevation: 6,607 ft
    Runway length: 1,762 ft

    Citation IISP
    Balanced Field Length: 4,466 ft