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    What does NATO STUD mean? I know it refers to frequencys but can't find stud in any acronym or abbreviation list.
    CAP 413 chapter 10 refers.

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    Ciao Myke!

    You won't find an abbreviation for this, as it is not an acronym.

    Some cars have a radio/CD player fitted with row of numbered buttons which are capable of being programmed to store one's favourite radio stations. 'Studs' (literally referring to the studs or buttons on a military aircraft radio) are the same. They are pre-set radio frequencies which the pilot can select at the 'touch of a button'. It is a time-saving device which finds greatest relevance among the fast jet jocks who may be zipping along at several hundred knots and passing from one zone to another in just a matter of seconds (especially in certain parts of Europe).

    Military units/squadrons often standardise their studs, ie. Stud 1 may be the squadron frequency, Stud 2 ground control, Stud 3 the tower, Stud 4 the area frequency and so on and I imagine (although I can't tell you with absolute certainty) that 'NATO STUD' most likely refers to the 'presets' used by aircraft on specific NATO exercises or assigned to NATO duties.

    Our American cousins will often drop the stud prefix during their RT discourse with a flight leader announcing to his flight "Go to 3" whereas elsewhere a flight leader may announce "Flight frequency change, go to stud 4" etc.

    When I flew in the UK in the late 70's they were still using various Q codes some of which now appear to be obsolete. Frequency changes were always notified by ATC as QSY.

    Hope this helps.


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      Thank you so much Sav for your comprehensive answer!
      I do like to keep my fingers on the pulse and communicating like this is a godsend!
      A favourite site of mine is 'Code7700' ,are you familiar with it?


    • #4 Excellent informative web site by ex USAF and current G450 pilot


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        I have not seen this site before Myke. Looks as though there have some very interesting resources. Great stuff!