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    Gazelle Data Sources

    The idea of this is to help readers / contributors find further information about Gazelles. The way that this is intended to work is that this post will be updated from any later posts /suggestions / comments. So, ideally, if you are looking for a list of links you should not need to go any further than this original post. But if you want to add a new suggestion just make a reply to the topic and someone will look at it.

    AAIB - Aircraft Accident Investigation Branch (UK).

    Air Britain - Gazelle Photos.

    AviaFora Search the site itself - because it may already be covered here!
    This is just an example: swap 'G-MANN' for whatever it is you are looking for.

    Avia Logs - Some old Gazelle flight manuals.

    CAA - Accidents, incidents & notifications from the Civil Aviation Authority (UK).

    DeMobbed - Former UK Military Gazelles.

    Flickr - Gazelle Photos.
    Flickr variation - SA341 Photos.

    Flight Magazine - Mentions of Gazelles in older Flight International Magazines.

    Flying Marines - from the early 1900s to the modern day.

    Helis - Gazelles around the world.

    PPRUNE - Gazelles thread on Professional Pilot's Rumour Network.

    RotorSpot - Gazelle production list (worldwide). 'Rotorspot' is also a site member and has kindly offered to supply the Gaz list to other members as XLS, CSV or plain text format. See this post for more info.

    Spotters Gazelle search on Ukrainian spotters site

    UK Serials - Gazelles in the UK.

    WikiMedia - Some UK Mil Gazelle photos.
    WikiMedia - Some SA341/342 photos.
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