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  • The Bell 206 Group

    This thread is for notices and announcements relating to the Bell 206 Group on Facebook and which may be found here.

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    11th December 2022
    An Introduction to the Bell 206 Group

    The Bell 206 Group was formed on 11th December 2021 as a special interest group, our special interest being the Bell 206 & 407. The group was started by Aviafora member 'Savoia' who wanted to share information relating to the Bell 206 while also having the freedom to express some of his personal non-aviation perspectives from time-to-time.

    The Group is supported by a number of volunteers and is managed by our Admin Team who are as follows:

    Phil 'Filippo' Croucher: Co-founder of Aviafora, Head of Training at Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training and author of the acclaimed Bell 206 Book.

    Paul 'Paolo' Kelsey: Son of the late great Welsh goalkeeper John 'Jack' Kelsey; Paolo is a founding member of Aviafora and a keen lifelong aviation enthusiast, photographer and photo-collector. Paolo also maintains numerous aircraft registration and history databases.

    Davide 'Davide' Clare: A highly experienced professional helicopter pilot with substantial offshore experience having flown with both Bristow and Bond Helicopters. Davide also served as Chief Pilot of CHC Scotia Helicopters.

    George 'Giorgio' Arana: Co-founder of Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations a keen lifelong aviation enthusiast, Giorgio maintains several aviation-themed Facebook groups.

    Julian 'Giuliano' Mills: Former professional helicopter pilot and helicopter operator with an interest in numerous aircraft including the Bell 206.

    Martin 'Martino' Daniel: Former professional fixed-wing pilot and aviation/rotary-wing enthusiast.

    You may contact myself or any member of our Admin Team by going to the top of the Group's Facebook page and clicking on the 'Members' tab where you will find all of our Administrators and Moderators listed.

    We hope that you enjoy your time as a member of the Bell 206 Group.

    Savoia aka 'Avia Fora' on FB

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    Snow Rangers on the Bell 206 Group

    21st December marks the commencement of the 'Snow Ranger' season on the Bell 206 Group. This means that from 21st December through to and including 7th January, 'Avia Fora' will be posting Snow Rangers only. Snow Rangers are any photo or video featuring a Bell 206 or 407 which includes some amount of snow!

    Please be advised that many of the Snow Ranger posts have only limited information, additionally, some days there may be just one or two posts and some of these posts may be repeats from previous years, much like recurring Christmas decorations.

    The reason for this wall-to-wall posting of Snow Rangers, as well as fewer overall posts, is to reduce the workload of the Group's admin team over Christmas and New Year.




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      Voluntary Team

      The Bell 206 Group's Voluntary Team provides essential support for the operation of The Bell 206 Group on Facebook.

      We are constantly looking for volunteers to help contribute in the following areas:

      Admin Team

      Our Admin Team consists of Administrators and Moderators who assist in vetting new membership applications, greeting newcomers, answering questions, moderating content and assisting our members.

      Content Contribution Team

      Our Content Contribution Team assists in sourcing photos and videos for the Group. This involves searching for relevant content and liaising with content producers such as photographers and videographers.

      News Team

      Our News Team serves the same function as our Content Contribution Team but with a specific emphasis on sourcing Bell 206 & 407 related news.

      IT Support Team

      Our IT Support Team provides assistance in supporting our online operations. At present this is limited to running our Facebook Group and we therefore welcome those with knowledge of the various features and functions offered by Facebook.

      Member Relations Team

      Our Member Relations Team provides follow-up support for our members in response to specific questions raised on the Group. This often involves liaising with other Group members in order to source the relevant service or information as well as making external contact with appropriate individuals and organisations. While the members of each of our teams contribute towards the Member Relations Team, we are always looking to add those with specific skills and knowledge, whether this be in aircraft sales, flying operations, training, maintenance and other related rotary-wing and Bell 206/407 activities.

      If you feel you may be able to contribute to any of these teams, please message Avia Fora on Facebook.


      aka 'Avia Fora' on FB