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GPS and Tablet Mounting Options

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  • GPS and Tablet Mounting Options

    Please share with us your best solutions for mounting GPS displays, iPads, Flypads, tablets and other devices.

    Here is an iPad mounting option for the 206.

    Attached (via sucker cup) to the inner windshield and situated in front of the driver's right knee:

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    An interesting article from Maria Langer, owner of Flying M Air of Wenatchee in Washington State in the US (See link below).

    R44 iPhone and iPad Power and Mount

    What you need to get the job done — and how I did it

    One of the great things about the R44 is the DC power port located rather conveniently between the two front seats facing backwards. At first glance, it seems as if it would be the perfect accessory for charging any number of devices.

    Well, it is — but not without jumping through a few hoops. The trouble is, on a Raven II, that port is connected to the 28v DC power system and puts out 24v to 28v of power. Plug the wrong kind of DC accessory into it and you can fry your device.


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      R22/44 mounts:

      Above panel mount for R22:

      Cyclic-mounted iPad for in R44:


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        Flypad mounting for Guimbal Cabri: