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  • AW139

    Royal Thai Army AW139's close to entering service

    The aviation branch of the Royal Thai Army (RTA) is set to receive its AgustaWestland AW139 helicopters dedicated for VIP transportation role within this few weeks. The helicopter, sent on December 19, 2013 by the manufacturer, has undergone test flight on January 2, 2014.

    The RTA has become ASEAN’s first military operator of the VIP-configured AW139 helicopter following a deal signed with AgustaWestland on October 2012.

    It is quite interesting to note here that the RTA Army Aviation operates a variety of military transport helicopter which it has sourced from various countries including Russia, Italy as well as the United States. Beside the Italian-made AW139, the RTA also flies Russian-made Mil Mi-17V-5, American-made Sikorsky UH-60L/M Blackhawk as well as Eurocopter’s AS-550 Fennec and UH-72 Lakota. These does not include other type of helicopters such as various Bell helicopters and Boeing Chinook.

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    Chungnam Fire Department orders AW139 helicopter

    AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce an order by the Republic of Korea’s Public Procurement Service and Chungnam Fire Fighting Department, for one AW139 intermediate twin engine helicopter.

    This helicopter will perform fire fighting, search and rescue, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and utility mission in support of the Chungnam community .

    The helicopter is scheduled to be delivered in the second half of 2015. Andrew Symonds, Head of Region AgustaWestland for Northeast Asia, said “This order marks the fourth operator in the Republic of Korea to select the AW139 as its primary helicopter for fire fighting missions, reaffirming once again the reputation of this outstanding aircraft for public utility missions. Its multi-role abilities makes the AW139 the most suitable helicopter to assist and safeguard communities when need arises”.

    Chungnam Province’s AW139 will be fitted with a wide range of role equipment including a four axis auto pilot, Bambi bucket, search light, dedicated EMS suite, fast roping fittings, rescue hoist. The four screen glass cockpit will also be equipped for Night Vision Goggle (NVG) operations.


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      New AW139 for Eire

      The civilian helicopter fleet in Ireland has seen one of the most significant cuts through the global recession with an estimated 75% of the private and corporately owned fleet being sold to new owners in other countries. In reality, the only continuing operations are those with helicopters on long contracts - SAR, Offshore and lighthouse support - and the most resilient of charter operators and corporate owners.

      EI-LIM getting ready for delivery

      One such corporate owner continues to fly a Bell 430, but will soon replace it with a new AgustaWestland AW139. Soon to be registered EI-LIM, reflecting the owner's place of birth and business interests in County Limerick, the helicopter is currently test flying from the factory at Vergiate in Italy. We expect the aircraft to be delivered to the customer in the next few weeks.

      The Bell 430 mentioned above may be seen on Aviafora's Auctions & Sales Forum


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        AW139 EI-LIM arrives at Shannon Airport on 11th April 2014 at the end of its delivery flight from Italy (Photo: Malcolm Nelson)


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          700th AW139 Delivered

          AgustaWestland have handed-over the 700th production AW139. The customer is South Korea's Samsung Techwin Co. Ltd. who took delivery of the aircraft during a ceremony held at AgustaWestland’s Vergiate plant in Italy.

          The aircraft was part of a two helicopter order received by Samsung. Both aircraft will be employed in corporate duties.

          ​Samsung of South Korea receives the 700th AW139 to be produced

          Samsung Techwin, a leading technology company operating globally in business sectors such as electronics, security, defence, robotics and energy, have been operating AW139s since 2009 with orders for four aircraft placed to date. Mr. Ki Choon Yang, General Manager, Helicopter Service Team Leader of Samsung Techwin said: “We are delighted to celebrate together with AgustaWestland this important milestone today. We have been operating the AW139 for 5 years and we are extremely satisfied of its performance, safety and reliability. We are very much looking forward to adding to our fleet these two brand new AW139s.”

          The AW139 has been purchased by other South Korean customers who are employing the aircraft in corporate transport, coast guard and firefighting roles.