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R44 12 Year Inspection

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  • R44 12 Year Inspection

    Hello, can anyone recommend a company (preferably in the US) who can perform a 12 year inspection on a R44 Raven I Clipper, at an unbeatable price?

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    In the absence of reliable first-hand recommendations (and which I know is what you are looking for) one can send requests for quotations to various well-known service centres . Their replies (and prices) will begin to give you some idea of what's out there.

    For the time being:

    Aero 3 -

    Tampa Bay -

    Rotor Services -

    Cove Helicopter -


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      Thanks a lot! Seems A LOT cheaper than in Europe.


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        From what I understand, US service centres are able to buy spares directly from the Robinson factory, and this helps to reduce costs. In Europe (depending on which country) in addition to shipping costs, there are varying import charges, plus .. some service centres (again depending on the country) must buy through a local or regional distributor, which means increased costs.

        Also, the US have ten times as many service centres, creating a more competitive market, and this usually means better value for the customer.

        If the craft is in the US and coming to Europe, then almost certainly it will be advisable to do the 12 year before she is shipped. Also (for the same reasons) any re-spraying or modifications you may have in mind.

        I've not flown the R44, but everyone I know who has operated one, tells me they offer the best economy (in terms of operating cost) for a light four-seater.