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    United Technologies S-76D N76UT (cn 761006) as seen at East 34th Street Heliport in New York on 14th June 2016
    (Photo: Jerome Mervelet)


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      AW169 G-VSKP (cn 69018) as seen at Luton Airport on 8th September 2016 (Photo: Martin Uzzell)

      The UK's first corporate 169.


      • Helipixman
        Helipixman commented
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        Its registration is for Leicester City owner - Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha - King Power Stadium hence the reg VSKP.

      • Savoia
        Savoia commented
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        Nice one Elipix, grazie.

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      S-76D M-ABLE (cn 761068) as seen at Fairoaks on 7th September 2016 (Photo: David Reeves)

      First S-76D in the British Isles.


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        GZ100 Start and Depart

        AW109SP GZ100 (cn 22347) from No. 32 (The Royal) Squadron departing Wellington Barracks (opposite St. James's Park) in London on 11th July 2016


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          MD500E (369E) N393AB (cn 0191E) as seen at Shoreham Airport on 11th Sep 2016 (Photo: Trevor Warne)


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            AS355N N912EM (cn 5560) as seen at Newcastle City Heliport on 17th September 2016 (Photo: Keith Bradley)


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              EliFriulia's AS350B3 I-ENKY (cn 4910) as seen landing off airport in Santa Lucia di Piave on 17th September 2016 (Photo: Marco Papa)

              Seen returning from having just dropped parachutists.


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                Bell 429 N429EA as seen at Forth Worth's Alliance Airport on 16th October 2016 (Photo: Nicholas Peterman)


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                  Kazan Ansat: First Corporate Delivery

                  Kazan Ansat RA-20001 as seen at Moscow's Barvikha Heliport on 28th October 2016 (Photo: Osipov Dmitry)

                  The first corporate Kazan Ansat is delivered to Russian Helicopter Systems.


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                    S-76B G-TRMP as seen at Shannon Airport on 23rd February 2016 (Photo: Brian Buckley)


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                      EC155B1 G-TBUC (cn 7020) as seen at Fairoaks on 17th November 2016 (Photo: David Reeves)

                      Currently the newest EC155 in the UK.


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                        GRS HeliDoctor's Bell 412EP D-HAFL (cn 36133) as seen at Bolzano Airport, Italy on 4th December 2016 (Photo: Cristian Magro)


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                          Iranian Revolutionary Guard Agusta-Bell 206A JetRanger 12-0106 (cn 8063) as seen at Zahedan Airport in Iran on 12th December 2016 (Photo: A. Mahgoli)

                          This is an ex-Bristow bird.


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                            AVIC AC-352 Z-15 B-00ZE (cn 001) at Hafei Airport in Eastern China on 20th December 2016

                            The first Aviacopter AC352 Z-15 (a licence-built Airbus H175) making it's maiden flight from Harbin's facility at Hafei in Eastern China and wearing a registration which some might consider fitting for the approaching new year festivities!


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                              Alphi Hélicoptère AW109S F-GPHA (cn 22073) as seen at Courchevel Altiport in January 2017 (Photo: Gilles Paccalet)


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                                BK117B-2 RA-01880 (cn 7249) as seen at Lipetsk Airport in Russia on 2nd February 2017 (Photo: Dmitry Petrov)


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                                  Mie Prefecture Air Rescue AW139 JA119M (cn 41515) as seen at Nagoya Komaki Airport, Japan on 23rd January 2017


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                                    AW169 G-MLAP as seen at Chambéry Airport, France, in February 2017 (Photo: Paul Schaller)

                                    Most likely taken during her delivery flight to Fairoaks based Starspeed.

                                    This is the UK's third corporate 169.


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                                      Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger II I-TINX (cn 8520) as seen in the mountains of Lombardia in March 2017 (Photo: Babylo)

                                      "I-TINX, therefore I fly!"


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                                        S-76C G-ROON (cn 760781) as seen at Cheltenham Racecourse on 17th March 2017 (Photo: Bill Teasdale)

                                        Registered to Rooney Air although operating under Cardinal Helicopters AOC.


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                                          AW109SP F-HOLY (cn. 22242) as seen at Héliport de Paris Issy-les-Moulineaux on 20th June 2017 (Photo: Jerome Mervelet)


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                                            EP Aviation S-61N N817AR (61712) as seen at Kabul Airport on 25th Jun 2017 (Photo: Eduard Onyshchenko)

                                            With Carson Helicopters S61-N N103WF to the rear.

                                            Carson Helicopters S61-N N103WF (61766) as seen at Kabul Airport on 25th Jun 2017 (Photo: Eduard Onyshchenko)


                                            • Industry insider
                                              Industry insider commented
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                                              N817AR - ex G-BBHL, we had many adventures together when she flew in red white and blue!

                                            • Savoia
                                              Savoia commented
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                                              Ha ha, glad to hear that you flew the old girl. Not sure if there will ever be anything quite like the 61!

                                          • #53

                                            Bell 212 XC-FII (cn. 31174) as seen at Mexico City Airport on 5th July 2017

                                            Operated by SAGARPA, Mexico's Ministry of Agriculture.

                                            Bell 206 XB-FWL in background.


                                            • #54

                                              EC145T2 D-HNWW (20144) as seen at Dusseldorf Airport on 18th July 2017 (Photo: Lukas Kinneswenger)

                                              Operated by Polizeifliegerstaffel Nordrhein-Westfalen.


                                              • #55

                                                AW169 G-DSAA (69027) as seen at Henstridge Airfield on 13th August 2017 (Photo: Simon Shearburn)

                                                Operated by Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance.


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                                                  Bell UH-1H ZS-HGC (cn. 8610) as seen at Rand Airport on 20th August 2017 (Photo: Gary Shephard)

                                                  Ex-US Army Huey which went on to serve with Tamarack Helicopter. Now flying in South Africa.


                                                  • #57

                                                    AW109E M-IDAS (11112) as seen at Harvey's Point Hotel in Donegal on 8th October 2017 (Photo: James)


                                                    • #58

                                                      AW109 Trekker I-PTFP (cn 22702) as seen at Aeroporto Arturo Ferrarin (Varese-Venegono Airport) on 27th October 2017
                                                      (Photo: Fabrizio Capenti)

                                                      Word is that this will be the first 109T be be delivered.


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                                                        Polizia di Stato Agusta-Bell 212 MM81648 PS-80 (cn 5833) in flight over Verona on 31st October 2017 (Photo: Roberto Bianchi)


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                                                          Forestale Agusta-Bell 412EP Grifone CFS-24 (25918) as seen in Vicopisano, Pisa on 18th October 2017 (Photo: Lorenzo Barsotti)