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  • Movements

    A place to record the latest (and not-so-latest) helicopter movements.

    The 'Merkelator' departing Hannover last week:

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    Gazelle N341AS departing a car park in Belgium:


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      This one is from last week:


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        Grazie! ...


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          Copterflyg's AS355N2, SE-JOC, landing via runway 30 at Stockholm's Bromma Airport on 24th October 2013 (Photo: Backa Erik Eriksson)


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            Alliance Aviation's Bell 407GX N982ST (flying as 'Hillwood 1') as seen landing at Fort Worth Alliance Airport in April 2014 (Sierra Gull Photography)


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              Bell 429 PR-NPB as seen at Aeroporto de São José do Rio Preto in Brasil in June 2014


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                Agusta 109C G-SCII as seen at Wycombe Air Park on 2nd July 2014 (Photo: Trevor Davies)

                Seen on Wednesday at Booker, this craft belongs to C&M Cold Storage of Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan (to the west of Dundalk) in Ireland and is known (to some) as 'The Prophet'.


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                  Bell LongRanger IV G-PTOO as seen at the Kilcamb Lodge Hotel (near the Isle of Mull in Scotland) on 1st July 2014


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                    S-76B N76TE as seen at Blackpool Squires Gate Airport on 28th June 2014 (Photo: Gary Claridge-King)


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                      The 'Trumpcopter' seen at Turnberry Golf Course (SW of Glasgow) in early July 2014


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                        A US Marine Corps VH-60N 'WhiteHawk' (flying as Marine One) departs RAF Fairford on 3rd September 2014 with an MV-22 Osprey in tow, bound for the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Wales

                        Marine One (a VH-60N 'WhiteHawk') lands at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Wales on 3rd September 2014

                        Editor's Note:
                        Aviafora Newsdesk has been reliably informed that the US Secret Service operative tasked with greeting Marine One at Newport yesterday was in fact a former college mate of Mr Obama and was very pleased to see him.


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                          Castle Air's AW109E G-JBCB seen landing at the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland on 10th September 2014 engaged in preparations for the 2014 Ryder Cup


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                            Helicopter Services (Booker) Agusta 109C G-IFRH as seen at Denham Airfield on 9th September 2014 (Photo: Clive Glaister)


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                              Westair AW189 EI-LIM as seen at Fairoaks on 10th September 2014 (Photo: Trevor Warne)

                              For more details on EI-LIM, see here.


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                                Fear not my easily-influenced-Scotsmen (and Kim Jong-un); if I don't rip apart the United Kingdom next week .. I shall do so soon enough with another referendum in a couple of years!

                                Scottish 'leader' Alex Salmondella arrives in Inverness on 12th September 2014 courtesy of a PDG Dauphin


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                                  Seen at Fairoaks on Monday:

                                  Air Harrods S-76C G-HARA as seen at Fairoaks on 17th November 2014 (Photo: David Reeves)


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                                    Seen in Leicester yesterday:

                                    Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha's (the owner of Leicester City Football Club) new AW109S G-LCFC takes-off from the club's Leicester stadium on 2nd December 2014


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                                      Recent movements from Austria ..

                                      MD902 uplifts ski accident victim from Flachau in Austria on 30th December:

                                      "White-out! What white-out?"

                                      (Not so much of an issue on take-off .. but can be a bit 'tricky' on landing if one isn't prepared. Something brightly coloured in the snow upon which to fix one's gaze during the hover and touch-down can be of great help!)

                                      EC135 departing Großglockner ski resort in Austria on medevac flight yesterday:


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                                        Barclay Brothers S-76A++ 2-BYDF as seen receiving a post maintenance detail on 9th January 2015 at Castle Air's Biggin Hill facility (Photo: Castle Air)


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                                          Bell 206B JetRanger II G-SUET as seen at Denham Aerodrome on 20th January 2015 (Photo: Brian Nichols)


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                                            HeliDrive's Bell 206B JetRanger III RA-01911 (cn 4583) as seen at their St.Petersburg heliport on 28th May 2016
                                            (Photo: Igor Dvurekov)


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                                              AW119 Koala N119SX (cn 14037) as seen at Elstree on 12th June 2016 (Photo: Marcus Reeves)


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                                                The Clip Group's Bell 429 SP-MMA (cn 57236) as seen at Ahlen-Nord Heliport, Germany on 5th June 2016 (Photo: Rafael Silesianwings)


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                                                  AW109SP G-IWFC as seen in Darlington Yorkshire on 22nd June 2016

                                                  Borris Johnson campaigning for 'Vote Leave' in Darlington Yorkshire.


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                                                    EC135T2+ G-OPAH (cn 0635) as seen at Ascot Racecourse on 22nd June 2012 (Photo: Adrian Court)


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                                                      Danish Air Transport's Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger II F-GFDO (cn 8531) at Vamdrup Airport in Denmark on 18th June 2016
                                                      (Photo: Erik Frikke)


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                                                        Eliwork AS350B3 I-RUFA (cn 3483) as seen at Milan Linate Airport on 6th September 2015 while providing a shuttle service to the Italian Grand Prix in Monza (Photo: Antonio Alessi)


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                                                          Robinson R44 B-7279 as seen in Dunhuang, Gansu Province, China on 12th June 2016 (Photo: Jack Li)

                                                          Not your everyday photo. An R44 on the edge of the Gobi desert near the Chinese border with Mongolia.


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                                                            Airbus H175 G-DLBR (cn 5018) as seen on her delivery flight to Cyprus in July 2016 (Photo: Aerodata)

                                                            This craft was ordered by UK (Arsenal) football club owner, Alisher Usmanov, and is to be the airborne tender to Alisher's new yacht 'Dilbar'.

                                                            Airbus H175 G-DLBR (cn 5018) looks set to become the aerial tender for the MY Dilbar

                                                            Airbus H175 interior