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    Originally posted by Savoia View Post
    Swimming Scout
    Westland Scout XR628 as seen on 8th June 1982 in McPhee Pond, the Falkland Islands
    Carrying on with the Para connection - Dick was Para Reg - this particular aircraft (XR628) was shot down on 24 May 1964, carrying 3 Para CO (Lt Col Farrar-Hockley) in the Radfan/Aden. He was in this Scout reconnoitring the Wadi Dhubsan area, Radfan. The aircraft was hit by enemy fire and the pilot made an emergency landing behind enemy lines. Farrar-Hockley rejoined the unit and was awarded the Bar to his Distinguished Service Order for his leadership. The aircraft was subsequently recovered.


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      628 certainly seems to have been in the wars!

      Here's another take of her in McPhee Pond:

      Plus some additional photos:

      Lt. Col. Anthony Farrar-Hockley as seen with Major General Anthony Ward-Booth in 1984

      Tony Ward-Booth was known to my late godfather. I met his son Tim (who sadly passed away) in East Africa in the mid-80's.

      XR628-B (cn F9528) as seen at Plymouth Airport on 25th July 1970 (Photo: Chris England)

      XR628 (cn F9528) as seen at Southend Airport on 6th August 1978 (Photo: Peter Nicholson)


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        The Good Days: A Scout Video


        • Savoia
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          Nice one Warty!

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        This aircraft suffered an engine failure shortly after take-off from Hildesheim Airfield in Germany, due to water-contaminated fuel. Following a hasty auto-rotation. it skidded along a farmer's field, crossed the first drainage ditch but failed to climb the second!

        As you can see, the main-rotor dropped down too far on impact and chopped out a chunk of tail rotor drive shaft. I think that's it lying on the ground. The nose got a bit bashed in but it didn't look all that serious to me (I was sent out to get photos for the accident investigation). Nevertheless, I understood that it was written off as being beyond economic repair.

        This accident was in January 1980. What confuses me is that there are several instances of XT637 being mentioned in the Falklands. One Argentinian post suggests that this airframe was piloted by "Sargento D.KALINSKY" (sic) the week before the swimming-Scout incident in 1982. XT637 (of 656 Sqn) is also claimed to have been damaged during a Skyhawk raid on June 13th 1982 and had to be airlifted out for repair.


        • Savoia
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          Wow Warty! What terrific photos, bravo!

          You mentioned on the previous page that another Scout had an engine failure. Were these a common occurrence?

          UK Serials has XT637 listed as being scrapped at Yeovilton in 1994, so it would indeed be interesting to know whether she flew again. Have to say that there doesn't seem to be any obviously available information to confirm this, but hopefully we may happen upon some additional details.


        • Warty
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          I don't remember starting problems as being any big deal - just part of a normal day's work. A lot of these were sorted on the dispersal so they would never have made it into the 700.

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        Just a note to say that my rotary-wing training was conducted by that lovely ex-AAC gentleman Bill Bailey of Westland Scout fame. Bill soon had me off solo and with immediate thoughts of copying Mike Meger's superb display handling (see my comments on the Enstrom thread), I set out to gain some serious helicopter handling.

        Some of you might know that dear Bill Bailey was indeed a Scout whizz kid. Flying during the Aden troubles he lost his tail rotor from ground fire, but knowing a thing or two about Scout handling, Bill kept the machine airborne to safely reach base. His reward was the coveted DFM. And they don't give those away with a pound of NAAFI tea. So I can claim that as Bill was weened off the lovely old Scout, so he in turn weened me off the new Enstrom.

        I never graded as a Scout P1 but I did get to spend a whole day flying G-NOTY out of Thruxton and later the equivalent Wasp version when writing an article for the newish LOOP magazine. Photos from both these occasions you can see on the previous page.


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          Brilliant stuff Denissimo!

          Never really knew much about Bill Bailey so any additional comments about him would be welcome.

          What was your overall impression of the Scout when you flew G-NOTY?

          I mean there aren't so many British designed and built single turbine helicopters, but the Scout was one of them!

          Herewith a clip of the Scout performing an auto from a free air hover, which you might find enjoyable:


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            Westland Scout G-BYKJ (F9696) as seen at Perth Scone Airport on 12th April 2008

            It 'seems' as if there are but three Scouts in the UK with an active permit to fly:


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              Westland Scout Arrival and Landing at Old Warden


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                The latest currently airworthy Scouts in the UK.

                Since our previous list (see above) we have seen the addition of G-BXRS and G-CIMX, but Elipix has a more comprehensive summary of Scout activity which he has threatened to post shortly!


                Andrew Baker as seen with his Westland Scout G-KAXW (F9740) ex-XW612 at Dunchurch Showground in Rugby on 25th August 2019


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                  Here is what I believe to be a complete list of all civil registered Westland Scout Helicopters in the UK and their fate !

                  G-APVL sold 18.8.10 to ZK-HJG
                  G-APVM Cancelled 2.10.68 to XR493
                  G-ARGI Reservation not taken up
                  G-BKLJ parts used in G-BMIR (Wasp)
                  G-BWHU Current with Nigel Boston but has a potential change in progress
                  G-BWJW Withdrawn from use 13.11.12
                  G-BWLX Cancelled 3.8.10 became N438VC
                  G-BXOE Cancelled 21.1.98 re-registered as G-ONEB
                  G-BXRL Crashed 15.7.98 and again on 16.10.99 wfu
                  G-BXRRCancelled 23.1.14 re-registered as G-KAXW
                  G-BXRS Current with Christopher John Marsden
                  G-BXSL Crashed at Cambridge 19.11.01
                  G-BYKJ Cancelled 15.8.19 to A9C-
                  G-BYNZ Crashed 24.9.00 at Lugershall
                  G-BYRX Crashed 29.11.15 at Ruddington
                  G-BZBD Crashed 23.8.00 at Streatley
                  G-CBUH Cancelled 18.8.10 to ZK-HQU
                  G-CIBW Current with Historic Aircraft Flight Trust
                  G-CIMX Current with Graham Hinckley
                  G-CRUM Current with Andrew Goddard
                  G-KAXL Cancelled 27.4.06 to Sierra leone
                  G-KAXW Current with Military Vehicle Solutions Ltd
                  G-NOTY Cancelled by CAA 15.11.18
                  G-ONEB Cancelled 12.5.06 to Sierra Leone
                  G-SASM Current with Christopher Marsden
                  G-SCTA Current with Guy Harrison but has a potential change in progress
                  G-SROE Current with Saunders Roe Helicopters Ltd.



                  • Savoia
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                    Great info Elipix. It will be interesting to see whether more Scouts become airworthy in the years ahead.

                  • MPR_Helinews
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                    Savoia - I doubt very much that any more Scout's will get back in the air. Unless Weald Aviation have got a load hidden under tarpaulins some spares are scarce. From my knowledge when given great access at Military Helicopters at Thruxton a few years ago, a few of the critical components then were in very short supply and some of those were close to time expired. So I think it's more a case of combining airframes and parting out to keep a few remaining in the air in the future.

                  • Savoia
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                    Thanks very much MPR. Sad, but it makes sense. Do you happen to know how many Scouts in total were sold off by the MoD?

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                  Back in October 1997 I visited RNAS Almondbank near Perth, Scotland and photographed 5 Westland Scout helicopters being sold by tender bidding. They were:- XP890 XR625 (Really XT625) XR628 XT645 and XV138.

                  They were all purchased and moved to the Ipswich area, either with Bolenda Engineering (Lee Rofix) or Everett Aero Supplies.

                  XP890 was badly damaged at Middle Wallop when Bell 47G-4 G-AXKT landed on top of it in 1981
                  XV138 became G-SASM many years later in 2010


                  • Savoia
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                    Fascinating Elipix, grazie!

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                  Westland Scout G-SCTA (F9701) ex-XV126 as seen at Portrush, Co. Antrim in Northern Ireland on 1st September 2019
                  (Photo by Artur Zak)


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                    Lamborghini Huracán with Westland Wasp G-RIMM as seen in November 2019


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                      Westland Scout G-SCTA (F9701) ex-XV126 as seen at Manchester Barton on 16th November 2019


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                        Westland Scout G-KAXW (9740) ex-XW612 as seen at Dunchurch in Warwickshire on 15th April 2020

                        Additional Wasp and Scout Soon to be Flying!

                        Avia reader Andrew Baker (owner of Scout XW612) reports that we will soon see two new additions to the UK's fleet of airworthy Wasps and Scouts.

                        Aside from his existing Scout, Andrew has recently acquired Westland Wasp G-BYCX (F9754), and which he expects will be flying by summer.

                        Additionally, one of Andrew's friends Mark Cowley, recently bought Westland Scout G-BWHU (F9517) ex-XR595, and this too is expected to be airworthy by summer.

                        Both aircraft were photographed (below) at North Weald airfield during engine runs.

                        As the airworthy Wasp and Scout population is so small, to learn of these developments is great news indeed!

                        Westland Wasp Mk1B G-BYCX (F9754) seen together with Scout G-BWHU (F9517) at North Weald airfield on 15th April 2020

                        All photos courtesy of Andrew Baker.


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                          G-BWHU Now Flying + G-SCTA Engine Overhaul & Total Repaint

                          As mentioned in April courtesy of Avia reader and Scout owner Andrew Baker, G-BWHU is now airworthy .. and airborne! Today G-BWHU took to the skies for the first time since her extensive restoration.

                          At the same time G-SCTA fired-up her engine for the first time after an extensive overhaul. G-SCTA is wearing a completely new livery the details of which we are waiting to learn more about.

                          Westland Scout G-BWHU (F9517) formerly XR595 as seen at North Weald on 23rd June 2020 (Photo by Matthew)

                          G-BWHU seen conducting one of numerous post-restoration test fligts.

                          Westland Scout G-SCTA (F9701) formerly XV126 as seen at North Weald on 23rd June 2020 (Photo by Matthew)

                          G-SCTA conducting her first ground run since an engine overhaul with G-BWHU behind.

                          G-SCTA sporting her new livery at North Weald on 23rd June 2020 (Photo by Matthew)

                          G-SCTA's new livery is a tribute to 'Exercise Lionheart' conducted in Germany in 1984. This exercise involved a total of 131,565 British troops of which 50,000 were immediately deployable.

                          Scouts G-SCTA and G-BWHU at North Weald on 23rd June 2020 (Photo by Matthew)


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                            Westland Scout G-CIMX (F9738) formerly XW283 as seen at North Weald on 25th June 2020

                            This photo captured yesterday after G-CIMX had popped-in to North Weald for some light maintenance.


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                              '595' Comes Home

                              As reported further above, Westland Scout G-BWHU (formerly XR595), has recently completed a restoration and overhaul and took to the skies two weeks ago for a series of test flights.

                              We are now glad to report that following this work, '595' has safely arrived at her home in Southam, Warwickshire.

                              Wishing the Cowley's many hours of happy flying!

                              Westland Scout G-BWHU (formerly XR595) cn.F9517 as seen in Southam, Warwickshire on 7th July 2020

                              Photo and information courtesy of Jack Cowley.


                              • AndyM
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                                XR595 was one of the Scouts operated by 660 Squadron A.A.C at Soest in 1975.
                                At some point probably in 1976 it was transferred to B.A.T.U.S Canada.
                                One of the first Scouts I worked on, along side XV135, XT617, XP894 AND XT620.

                              • Savoia
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                                Grazie Andy! 👍

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                              Westland Scout G-KAXW-XW612 (F9740) as seen at Duxford on 18th September 2015 (Photo by Christopher Murkin)

                              Interested in Scouts? Then consider joining our Scout page on FB.


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                                Here is a photograph of a what looks like a Westland Scout bearing the fictitious markings "G-WASR" just visible behind the strut. But if you look at the boards on the floor it clearly states Westland Wasp ? This begs the question was the Wasp originally intended to have skids ?

                                It is from my collection and that is about as much as I know, could it be at Farnborough ? What year ?


                                • Savoia
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                                  This is a great photo Elipix .. as always. Guessing this is late 50's as opposed to early 60's but am going to have to make some enquiries to in order to obtain some further info.

                                  We do see from the early shipborne landing trials that one version of the P531 was installed with a skid undercarriage fitted with oleo struts, but the P531 also had a version with wheels which was displayed at Farnborough in 1958 as shown on the previous page:

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                                XP902 (F9503) as seen at Groningen-Eelde Airfield in the Netherlands on 2nd October 1981 (Photo by Jack Poelstra)


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                                  Originally posted by Helipixman View Post

                                  XP890 was badly damaged at Middle Wallop when Bell 47G-4 G-AXKT landed on top of it in 1981.

                                  And here is a photo of the aftermath of that collision:


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                                    Grazie Andy! 👍