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    Birds of Prey

    This video pieces together some of the flying scenes from the 1973 movie 'Birds of Prey' which starred David Janssen as a former American Volunteer Group pilot working as a radio station pilot/reporter who becomes involved in chasing down 'baddies' after witnessing an armored robbery where the suspects flee in a Lama helicopter.

    If you think there are too many similarities between this movie and 'Deadly Encounter' (1982) then don't be surprised, as both movies were written and directed by the same duo namely, Robert Boris and William Graham. However whereas Larry Kirsch flew the Hughes 500 scenes in Deadly Encounter, in Birds of Prey the 500 was flown by James 'Jim' Gavin.

    Birds of Prey was one of Jim's favourite projects and about which he once said: "We took the helicopter out of its normal environment, put it in the city streets and did all the work with Janssen in flight for real. In fact, since he was a pilot Janssen did a lot of the flying, and I'd sit opposite him." (Flying Magazine, June 1988) Gavin would later go on to fly in the making of Blue Thunder.

    Those were the days!

    Hughes 500C N9103F (cn 52-0378S) wearing Salt Lake City 'KBEX' radio station livery being flown by Jim Gavin during the filming of 'Birds of Prey' in 1972


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      BredaNardi NH500M (369HM) GdiF-55 (122-0227M) of Italy's Guardia di Finanza as seen off the coast of Luqa, Malta on 9th July 1992 (Photo: Ivan Azzopardi)


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        Royal Danish Army

        Royal Danish Army Air Service (Hærens Flyvetjeneste) Hughes 369M H-213 (cn 71-0213M) as seen in flight over Denmark on 7th June 2005 (Photo: Jan Jørgensen)


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          Hughes 500C (369HS) G-HEWZ (cn 940649S) as seen at White Waltham on 14th August 2016 (Photo: Steve Lynes)


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            West Cost Helicopters Hughes 500D C-GSZM as seen at Gold River, Vancouver Island BC, on 8th June 2016 (Photo: Bill Campbell)


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              Originally posted by Savoia View Post
              During my time in PNG I was surrounded by Kiwis who rarely ceased speaking about their deer recovery antics; and when they weren't talking about deer recovery, then they were watching it .. on well worn video cassettes which they had brought with them from Kiwiland. God bless 'em!
              Well well, what do you know .. one of these very videos to which I made reference in the above post from the previous page, has appeared online. This was a short film (just 12 mins) made in 1980 featuring an Alpine Helicopters 500D 'HMB' flown by Doug Maxwell. How I should like to track down some of the other videos the Kiwis use to inflict upon me! One, so I recall, involved a 500 flying through a naturally formed rock 'archway'.

              This video doesn't get into the 'high antics' of deer hunting but has some pleasant shots nonetheless. I doubt whether we shall ever see anything quite like that which took place in the 70's and 80's with these deer hunters and their 500's.



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                Hughes 500 Racing


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                  For 500 Fan

                  OH-6A N239MY (cn. 1132) as seen at Kilrush Aifield Co. Kildare on 26th May 2017 (Photo: Ian McGarrigle)


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                    Aka the 500 'Special'


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                      Hughes 500C ZK-HQH engaged in live deer capture in the 1970's

                      Hughes 500C N5FC seen during power boat racing


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                        Viking Helicopters Hughes 500D C-GRYI (19-0444D) Nym Lake, Ontario, Canada 12th July 1988 (Photo: Robert Arnold)


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                          Hughes 500D G-DIGZ (cn 1111D) as seen at Denham Aerodrome on 14th December 2017 (Photo: Brian Nichols)


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                            Hughes 500D I-SHRA (71-1017D) as seen at Corvara, Bolzano, Italia in February 1991

                            The Christmas Hughes

                            Hughes 500D N725M aka 'The Christmas Hughes'


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                              Does anyone know the identity of the first Hughes 500 to be registered in the UK? I think it might be G-AXEJ but not 100% sure. Thanks.

                              ​500 Fan.


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                                Originally posted by 500 Fan View Post
                                Does anyone know the identity of the first Hughes 500 to be registered in the UK? I think it might be G-AXEJ but not 100% sure. Thanks.

                                ​500 Fan.
                                The first ten (in sequence) 500's I have as being delivered to the UK are as follows:

                                • G-AYNK: Denissimo took delivery of this craft and was also involved (at various stages) with G-BDKL and G-BDOY and probably all ten if I were to ask him!
                                • G-BBXF: This was owned by the late Gerry Hill, who's son participated on the original Nostalgia Thread.
                                • G-BDKL: I flew this craft a number of times when she was G-HSKY.
                                G-BDOY sees the last of the in-sequence 'C' models to be replaced the following year by the delightful 'D' model:
                                • G-BEJY (May 1977)
                                • G-BESS (May 1977)
                                • G-BFAY (October 1977)
                                • G-BFYJ (August 1978)
                                • G-GOGO (December 1978)
                                It is the out-of-sequence registrations which one has to watch out for when it comes to ordering the deliveries.

                                There were of course addition 'C' models registered from that time period, including G-FROG (April 1981), G-BKTK (June 1983) and others.

                                500 Fan: You've got to help me understand Hughes' construction number methodology, because it looks as if they asked their receptionist to think up numbers in between answering calls, I mean there's no parity between them except for mostly ending with an 'S'!


                                Air Gregory Hughes 500C 369HS G-AXEJ as seen at RAF Chivenor on 23rd August 1969 (Photo: RA Scholefield)

                                One of the earliest shots of 'EJ', seen here four months after her delivery to Air Gregory.


                                • Helipixman
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                                  Another one I flew in G-AXEJ Battersea Heliport to a farmers field in Bedfordshire for a demo ?


                                • Savoia
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                                  Bravo Elipix, you've got some nice UK heli-history!

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                                First 10 Out of sequence Hughes registrations were afaik....

                                G-GOGO (D) 19.12.78 Sloane Helicopters Ltd for AW Alloys Ltd
                                G-HOOK (D) 4.8.80 Auto Alloys (Helicopters) Ltd
                                G-PENI (D) 26.2.81 Yewlands Engineering Ltd
                                G-FROG (HS) 15.4.81 Keith Sutcliffe & Sons Ltd
                                G-HEWS (D) 13.5.81 John Carroll Construction Ltd
                                G-IDWR (HS) 26.5.81 Ryburn Air Ltd
                                G-WELD (HS) 26.11.81 Uniweld Ltd
                                G-OAIM (HS) 16.7.82 John E Clarke & Co (Bournemouth) Ltd
                                G-SOOD (D) 30.7.82 Southern Air Ltd
                                G-KSBF (D) 18.11.82 Ken Stokes (Business Forms) Ltd

                                Have photos of all of them and will dig some out a post later in week.


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                                  Here are photos of each of the first 5 out-of-sequence Hughes 500s

                                  all from the Helipixman collection


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                                    and the next five Hughes 500s

                                    all from Helipixman collection


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                                      Thanks for all the info in relation to the early 500s in the UK and those great photos. I think G-KSBF also flew in Ireland with Irish Helicopters. There have only been four 500s registered in Ireland, oddly enough, given this helicopter's popularity elsewhere. Quite a few N-reg 500s arrived during the economic boom in the 2,000's but few remain.

                                      I have been trying to collate all the "1st" 500's to be delivered in each country, globally. The very first 500 delivered to a customer, a Hughes 500M delivered to the "Fuerza Aerea Colombiana", still flies but is due for retirement very soon. If it stays in service until the 23rd of April this year, it'll be a "50 Year" airframe!

                                      The Hughes serial system is a bit confusing. I think I might have instructions saved somewhere on how exactly you break down the information contained in each serial.

                                      590102E, the serial for G-AYNK, is broken down thus (if I recall correctly);
                                      The "5" refers to the month of construction or, probably, completion of manufacture - in this case May.
                                      The next digit, 9, refers to the year of construction, 1969.
                                      "0102E" indicates that this is the second "Executive" version, the Hughes 369HE, to be constructed. However, why it is "0102" instead of "0002" is beyond me.

                                      Trying to identify the year for the early 70's ships in the serial can also be a little confusing but generally, the last three digits will indicate how far into the production run a given airframe is and an educated guess can then allow identification of the year.

                                      500 Fan.


                                      • Helipixman
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                                        You are correct 500 Fan it did go to Ireland...

                                        G-KSBF was re-registered as G-ITUP before going to Ireland as EI-BYV. It then went to Turkey as TC-HMC before ending its days in South Korea as HL9139

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                                      Aviafora is pleased to present

                                      its Golden Camera Award to


                                      for his wonderful collection of Classic Hughes photos

                                      Bravo Elipix !!!


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                                        Alistair MacKinnon's Hughes 500D (369D) G-DIGZ (cn.1111D) as seen at Denham Aerodrome on 14th March 2018
                                        (Photo: Brian Nichols)