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Swedish government to fund pilot training

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  • Swedish government to fund pilot training

    Two Swedish helicopter schools, Svensk Pilotutbildning (SPU) and Scandinavian Aviation Academy (SAA), have been awarded an agreement with the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education for training of 30 new helicopter pilots a year. After acceptance to the two-year 400-point higher vocational education programme, the pilots will gain a full ATPL(H)IR theory and a CPL(H) license with 135 flight hours. The Swedish Government will be funding the programme in order to safeguard the availability of qualified pilots for national parapublic and civil helicopter operations in the future.

    Svensk Pilotutbildning, based in Gothenburg, has been granted 20 slots for new helicopter pilots and Scandinavian Aviation Academy, with its heart in Västerås, has been granted 10 slots.

    Roland Winsell, CEO of SPU, says: “The fact that the government will fund these spots on a yearly basis is very fulfilling and it acknowledges that the general public benefits from programmes like this”.

    SPU started with fixed wing training operations in 1998. The helicopter training division was established in 2004, and it has grown to become one of the leading schools in Sweden. SAA has a long experience in fixed-wing pilot training, and the school has progressively been adding the helicopter segment to its training plan through a cooperation with iTell Helicopters.