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    With the assistance of Avia member Zishelix as well as Jos Stevens, the owner of Rotorspot, Aviafora is compiling a Gazelle database which we hope may be of use or interest to some of our readers.

    We are going to kick-off with a list of current/airworthy aircraft and we will start in Europe and develop the database gradually.

    If you are able to provide any information to help keep the database up-to-date, your input will be gratefully appreciated.

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    gazelle database 2014


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      Gazelle Trivia to end of 2015 (Believed to be good information)

      No. of Aircraft Built - 1269
      Still in Service - 516
      Hours flown in 2015 - 74,300 (Truth & Estimated)
      (79% Military, 19% Civilian, 2% ParaPublic)
      Total cumulative hours flown - 7,150,500
      No. of operators - 103
      No. of operating countries - 37


      • Zishelix
        Zishelix commented
        Editing a comment
        Interesting data, thanks a lot!

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      FS: Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the info!

      Word is that the number of engine failures on the Astazou remains pretty low against the hours flown, but that's more a tribute to Turbomeca than AĆ©rospatiale.

      I've not been able to allocate sufficient time to up-date the above database but, we may have someone working on compiling something similar (Gazelles grouped by nation) in the future.

      In the meantime Avia member Rotorspot has an offer to forum readers for the complete AĆ©rospatiale/Westland/Soko production list, see here.

      Love the username btw, lol!

      Welcome aboard.



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        Welcome indeed! Especially glad to see such Gazelle expert choose "active membership" on the forum


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          If you are able to add any info to this database, please email: