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  • SA341G N341GG (cn.1182) as seen at Goodwood Airfield on 14th September 2019

    The 'Haelo Fan' seen here arriving from Belgium for the Goodwood Revival.

    SA341B as seen at SPTA on 13th September 2019 (Photo by Ian Harding)

    SA341B G-BZYD (WA1648) as seen on the south coast of England, possibly on 15th September 2019

    Avia member Carlo with the Meek-Machine over the weekend!

    Some Monday Nostalgia!

    SA341G C-FTCS (cn.1036) as seen in Canada in 1974

    This craft seen here wearing a slightly modified registration .. for cinematographic purposes!

    Had Zis been around he may have been able to tell us something more about this craft. Elipix, have you come across this bird before?

    Notice how she is wearing a primitive form of snow skis.

    The Gaz Squad arriving at the Weston Air Festival in Weston-super-Mare on 22nd June 2019

    - Special Alouette II Offer -

    3 x Alouette II's for sale together with four containers of spare parts including engines, blades, gearboxes and transmissions being offered for $575,000

    Click on the Alouette below for further details


    • Helipixman
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      C-FTCS.... first registered as N41184 then imported into Canada as CF-TGB 1973 became C-FTCS and either owned or operated by Shirley Helicopters and Highwood before being cancelled on 3.6.94

      The movie was called Sweet Movie

    • Savoia
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      Grazie Elipix, much appreciated! Interesting that she actually once had a 'CF' reg.

      Very interesting too that she was with Shirley Helicopters. We've showcased a couple of very nice Shirley Gazelles, in particular C-GSHL and of course the former 'X-Craft' which was a Shirley Gaz when she flew as C-GDUG.

  • SA342M HA-HSG (cn.3615) at Breighton Airfield in Yorkshire on 16th September 2019
    (Video courtesy of Stefano)

    A little piece of Gazelle history was made yesterday as the UK's very first privately-owned SA342M took to the skies and accomplished a successful sortie above the pleasant pastures of East Riding. The flight was crewed by Crabtrees Senior and Junior.


    • Martin Wood

      It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Martin Wood, founder and owner of MW Helicopters, a company which played a significant role in cultivating the civilian use of the Gazelle throughout the UK and beyond.

      Our thoughts and prayers are with the Wood family as well as the staff at Stapleford.

      RIP Martin


      • SA342L1 YU-HFF (cn.155) as seen in Nikinci, Serbia on 14th September 2019 (Photo by Dragan Trifunović)


        • SA342M1 F-MGCF (cn.2164) as seen at Aérodrome de Cerny, La Ferté-Alais in May 2018 (Photo by Edwin)

          Lebanese Air Force SA342L L807 as seen in Lebanon in September 2019

          Gaz Squad Gazelles at Eastbourne on 17th August 2019 (Photo by Ahmadi)

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          • SA341B XZ318 (WA1609) as seen at Edinburgh Turnhouse Airport in 1980 (Photo by Robert Pittuck)

            In the background can been seen an S-61N (G-BBGS) wearing Mobil titles, as well as what I think are a pair of Canadian Armed Forces Kiowas.


            • Helipixman
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              Yes a couple of Canadian Armed Forces Kiowas in the background, before my time north of the border. Completely different apron nowadays.

          • SA341 I-PNIC (cn.002) as seen at L'Aeroporto di Trento Mattarello on 15th September 2019 (Photo by Davide Olivati)


            S5-HCR + 1 as seen in the Ukraine on 20th September 2019

            SA341B G-CDNO (WA1385) as seen at Sandtoft Airfield on 14th September 2019 (Photo by Simon W.)

            SA342MV's as seen at Base Aérienne Vouziers Séchault during l'exercice Baccarat on 19/20 September 2019


            • SA341G G-EZZL (WA1104) as seen at the Brooklands Museum on 22nd September 2019

              SA341B G-HSDL (WA1227) as seen at Manchester Barton on 21st September 2019 (Photo by Mike Powney)

              Avia member Anja as seen Gazelling in Serbia recently

              The Gaz Sqaud performing at the Victory Show, Foxlands Farm, Cosby, Leicestershire on 8th September 2019


              • SA341B G-CDNO (WA1385) as seen at Brooklands on 22nd September 2019

                Stefano, super thanks for supporting Jeremico's event. You're a star!


                • Hi gents, thanks for accepting me. You have a great site here.

                  I run the Gulf War site and am also a plastic modeller.

                  Click the image below to visit my site

                  When Air Graphics released their new Gazelle Gulf War Conversion Set I updated my Gulf War Gazelle List and found some new additions.

                  I also contacted the Army Flying Museum at Middle Wallop regarding the pictures in Air Graphics and will negotiate a purchase of them as they are quite unique. Also, I tried to ask them about a list of Gazelles AH.1 which participated in Gulf War. They told me that such list does not exist but I can search their archives but this is not possible for me, as I am from Czech Republic and it is far from Middle Wallop.

                  I would like to ask you, if there is any chance that somebody was already researching this.

                  So, if you have any info or pics or link where to look, please, contact me.

                  Thanks a lot and best regards.



                  • Savoia
                    Savoia commented
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                    Jakub, you are very welcome to Aviafora. By all means, we shall see what we can do to assist you.

                    Stefano, is there anyone at the Gaz Squad whom Jakub could contact who may be able to assist with this? I had a feeling they did some research on Gulf War Gazelles, although I am not entirely sure.

                  • Helipixman
                    Helipixman commented
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                    Hi Jakub and welcome to Aviafora

                    I think the last entry in your AH.1 list shown with unknown Serial but with code F is actually another shot of T XZ347.

                    I will look through my records and see if I can come up with anything new !

                • SA341C XZ939 (WA1750) as seen at SPTA on 21st April 2015 (Photo by Mark Kwiatkowski)

                  SG Wallpaper #3


                  • SA341B ZA766 (WA1808) as seen at Koksijde Air Base in Belgium on 5th July 1991 (Photo by Joop de Groot)

                    SA341B XZ347 (WA1713) as seen at Boscombe Down on 14th June 1992 (Photo by Graham Tiller)

                    Aviation72 Gulf War Gazelle model

                    Gulf War Gazelle badge


                    • Found this rather useful Weather Forecasting device recently in Northumberland. A must for all pilots.....


                      • Savoia
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                        Ha ha .. recommended at every airport and heliport!

                    • A pair of Royal Marines Gazelles, including XX380 (WA1268), as seen during Operation 'Enduring Freedom' at Camp Justice in Oman in April 2002


                      • SA341GC I-PNIC (cn.002) as seen at Trento Mattarello in September 2019 (Photo by Daniel Bertagnolli)

                        SA341G(S) 2-PJBA (cn.1392) engine start, September 2019


                        • Avia Member Takes Youngsters Flying

                          We are so pleased to report that Avia member XB recently donated his time and one of his Gazelles, in order to take part in an event in support of children and youngsters suffering from a variety of ailments.

                          The event was supported in part by la fondation des Apprentis d’Auteuil who arranged for some forty youngsters to go flying.

                          XB during his flight of compassion on 21st September 2019 at ​Aéroport Valenciennes-Denain

                          We are so proud of you XB, bravo!


                          • SA341B XZ290 (WA1489) as seen over West Loch Tarbert, Scotland in 2019 (Photo by Simon Longworth)

                            Lebanese Air Force SA342L L808 (cn.1665) from 8 Squadron as seen in September 2019

                            Syrian Air Force Gazelle in 2019

                            Exercise Baccarat 2019

                            SA341F2 ZU-RNV (cn.1608) in South Africa in September 2019 (Photo by Jean-Pierre Lombard)

                            SA341G N2FW (cn.1363) as seen at Zamperini Field, LA County in September 2019

                            SA341G N37UP (cn.1224) with Ariana and Max Bellochio in Italia on 26th September 2019 (Photo by Liberio)


                            • SA341B G-CDNO (WA1385) as seen at the new Crabtree hangar at Breighton on 24th August 2019 (Photo by Simon Brooke)

                              SA342M HA-HSG (cn.3615) as seen at Breighton on 21st September 2019 (Photo by Jez)

                              A somewhat peculiar simulator video


                              • Heliduebi SA341G I-LDAV (cn.1034) as seen at Lurate Caccivio in April 2003 (Photo by Damiano Gualdoni)

                                This craft is now in Russia.

                                Cypriot Air Forces Gazelles as seen over Nicosia in Cyprus on 1st October 2019

                                These Gazelles performed as part of an 'air parade' marking the 59th anniversary of independence for Cyprus.

                                SA342M3RHC as seen at Base d'Étain, Rouvres on 29th August 2019 (Photo by Theo van Vliet)


                                • SA341H 12634 as seen at Cerklje ob Krki Airport in Slovenia on 4th June 2017 (Photo by Davide Olivati)

                                  ZB627 & XZ934 as seen at RAF Cosford on 19th June 2016

                                  F-MGQN as seen at Mérignac Air Base in Bordeaux in September 2016

                                  SA342MV's landing in Sévaré, Mali in 2013

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                                  • SA341G N565F (cn.1182) as seen at Héliport de Paris Issy les Moulineaux on 16th November 2003 (Photo by Antoine Grondeau)


                                    • Mozambique Gazelles

                                      We recently reported that two SA341F2's had been delivered to Mozambique. In follow-up, unconfirmed reports suggest:

                                      These Gazelles were supplied by Erik Prince (formerly of Blackwater, now Frontier Services Group). Local technical support was due to be provided from a South African based company. However, these Gazelles may be withdrawn as this operation has now taken over by a Russian organisation who imported three Mi-17's earlier this week.


                                      • SA341G N64ZZ (cn.1035) as seen at Costigliole d'Asti in October 2019 (Photo by Fabio)

                                        SA342M F-MGKD as seen at Aeroporto di Bergamo Orio al Serio in September 2019

                                        Serbian Air Force River Exercise

                                        MD530F's For Sale

                                        In other news .. 4 x MD530F's are now up for auction in the US.


                                        • The Republic of Srpska government has withdrawn its consent for the Helicopter Service of the Republika of Srpska (HSRS) to sell its Gazelle helicopters.

                                          No explanation has been given by the government as to why HSRS cannot sell their aircraft. Last year HSRS began replacing the Gazelle in its charter operations due to high maintenance costs. The service currently operate a Bell 206 and an AW119 and have a second 119 on order.


                                          SA341H E7-AAB cn.037 (Photo by Petar Vojinovic)

                                          The Helicopter Service of the Republika of Srpska can no longer afford to operate their Gazelles, but the government of Srpska is restricting them from selling their aircraft.

                                          The service now operate a Bell 206 and an AW119 (below) the only light single which faster than a Gazelle!


                                          • SA342J YU-HEV (cn.1393) as seen on 6th October 2019

                                            SA342M F-MGEX (cn.2223) as seen in Paris on 14th July 2019


                                            • SA341G F-GESG (cn.1032) as seen at Southampton's Eastleigh Airport in September 1989 (Photo by Richard Hunt)

                                              Seen here visiting the power boat races.

                                              SA342MV's in Mali, October 2019


                                              • SA342L ZU-RMY (cn.5011) as seen at Wonderboom Airport in South Africa on 2nd October 2019 (Photo by Bill Teasdale)

                                                SA341G RA-07822 (WA1073) as seen at Oreshkovo Airfield in Kaluga, Russia in October 2019

                                                For more details on these and other quality Gazelles, click on the logo below


                                                • SA342MV F-MGAQ as seen during a live fire exercise in Djibouti in October 2019

                                                  SA341G G-WDEV (WA1098) as seen on 23rd August 2004

                                                  SA341F2 ZU-RED (cn.1285) as seen at Wonderboom on 8th October 2019 (Photo by Andre Venter)


                                                  • SA341G G-SFTH (cn.1155) as seen at Middle Wallop on 30th June 1985 (Photo by Keith Wilson)

                                                    One for Nosco this Friday. 'TH' was registered to SFT at the time of this photo, but appears to be carrying additional titles, perhaps on lease.

                                                    SA341F2 N981MH (cn.1419) as seen at Sacramento Mather Air Force Base on 6th October 2019 (Photo by Jamie West)

                                                    Low-level Gaz flight


                                                    • SAF SA342L as seen in Serbia in October 2019

                                                      SA341F2 F-MAEG as seen at Aérodrome de Compiègne in Margny in 1992 (Photo by Michael Fisher)