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  • Haelo Gaz Outing to RAF Elvington

    Yesterday the Haelo Gaz made a visit to RAF Elvington, here are a couple of shots from the sortie:

    SA342J HA-LFH (cn 1775) at RAF Elvington on 8th November 2017

    Note the Handley Page Victor parked ahead.

    SA342J HA-LFH (cn 1775) as seen refuelling at Sherburn Airfield on 8th November 2017

    SA342J HA-LFH (cn 1775) back in her hangar at Church Fenton on 8th November 2017

    Note also the Haelo Jet and behind that a Huey.


    • ALAT Puma and Gaz Air-to-Air Over the Sahara


      • Gazelle Mechanic Required South Africa

        • Carry out maintenance and repairs on SA-341/SA-342 Gazelle helicopters
        • Working understanding of civil helicopter operations and SACAA regulations
        • Maintain and adhere to SACAA regulations and company quality and safety standards
        • Ensure work is carried out in accordance with OEM maintenance manuals and laid down procedures
        • Perform all mandatory periodic inspections (MPIs) as determined by the Local Airworthiness Authority and equipment manufacturer
        • Rectify all technical defects in accordance with approved procedures
        • Ensure airworthiness and readiness of helicopters for efficient service delivery
        • Record all activities being performed through the use of approved documentation in a clear and concise manner showing all actions taken as a result of work accomplished
        • Maintain sound technical practices
        • Thorough knowledge and application of the requirements of the Manual of Procedures, CAR’s of 2011, Approved Schedules, Manufacturers Manuals, Airworthiness Directives and Airworthiness Notices
        • Accurate trouble isolation/shooting of defects
        • Certify own work as well as countersigning work of engineers in training, under supervision and uncertified
        • Maintain vigilance at all times for discrepancies, which may occur during operation of helicopters and rectify them correctly in the shortest possible time without compromising safety and quality standards


        • Gendarmerie Royale Marocaine SA342L(S) CN-AID (cn 1360)

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          • SA341 as seen at Pešterska visoravan in Serbia on 2nd June 2016 (Photo: Dimitrije Ostojic)

            Photographed at Pešterska plateau during 'Exercise Morava'.

            The craft is displaying the numbers '821' but this seems a little short compared with normal Serbian Air Force registrations. Perhaps Zis can assist in identifying this bird?


            • Rotorspot
              Rotorspot commented
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              Serial 12821, c/n 064 (the first two digits are vaguely visible when you enlarge the picture).

            • Savoia
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              Grazie mille Jos!

          • SA342J I-PTEC start, depart and fly-by at Aviosuperficie Sassuolo, November 2017

            SA342 RA-0682G push into hangar nr. St. Petersburg, November 2017


            • SA341F2 ZU-RLE (cn 1678) as seen inbound to Brakpan Airfield in South Africa on 16th September 2017 (Photo: Anton Nel)

              With our great thanks to Anton for this lovely photo!


              • Gaz Down: Les Hauts-de-Chée, France

                An SA342M Gazelle of the 3rd Combat Helicopter Regiment, registration 'GAY' 4019, suffered a 'hard landing' at Aérodrome de Bar-le-Duc in Les Hauts-de-Chée yesterday.

                The circumstances surrounding the hard landing have yet to be publicised.

                Three persons were on board the aircraft and are reported as having sustained minor injuries.

                ALAT SA342M 'GAY' 4019 (cn 2019) as seen at Aérodrome de Bar-le-Duc after suffering a 'hard landing' on 13th November 2017
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                • Cancelled

                  G-CBSH GAZELLE HT.3, c/n 1344 was cancelled by the CAA on 13-Nov-2017. Its Permit to Fly was valid till 17-Apr-2016.


                  • Savoia
                    Savoia commented
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                    Grazie Jos!

                    This was the bird which we reported about in June 2014 after one of our Kent-based readers advised us that she had been sitting at Rochester Airport for something like two years (out in the open) without turning a blade. She was eventually rescued by the Gaz Squad. Perhaps she is going to be overhauled and will finally receive a little TLC - or will she be parted out?


                • Another take on 2-WMAN ..

                  SA341G 2-WMAN (cn 1277) as seen at Breighton Airfield on 5th November 2017 (Photo by Jez)


                  • The Return of the Tan Hill Inn

                    Jonathan Rayner and Simon Dykes approach the Tan Hill Inn in a Robbo

                    Some may recall our post on page 48 where we mentioned Britain's highest pub, situated in the Yorkshire Dales.

                    Now Britain's Waitrose supermarket have incorporated the highly elevated pub in their Christmas ad:

                    Reminder to Gaz Owners

                    The season for Snow Gazelles approaches, therefore should anyone encounter snow .. please remember roll-out your bird and take a couple of shots for our annual festive collection of 'Snow Gazelles!'

                    Grazie mille!


                    • SA341H E7-AAB (cn 037) as seen departing Banja Luka Zalužani Airport, Bosnia in November 2017

                      Now I am aware of a photo which exists with an Aviaforan standing next to E7-AAB, but it remains to be seen as to whether he wishes to post this!

                      Bosnian Gazelle A-2305 with Red Cross personnel in Tuzla, Bosnia 2017

                      RA-05706 nr. St. Petersburg in November 2017

                      RA-05706 with RA-0682G in hangar nr. St. Petersburg in November 2017


                      • 1970's Gazelle interior (Photo: Zishelix)

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                        • 2-SEXY

                          Sav wrote: Ciao Jos! There is also an Agusta 109E on the Guernsey register with the designator ... 2-SEXY. Yes, really!
                          Jos wrote: 2-SEXY used to be a Bombardier Challenger 601 with the same company as the AW109E.

                          AW109E 2-SEXY (cn 11010) as seen at Oxford Kidlington on 16th November 2017 (Photo: Paul Charles)