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    CH7 Kompress

    Helisport Helicopters

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    The Ranabot .. Running About!


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      More CH77 Ranabot ..

      Check out the refueling stop at 2:25

      See more info on the Ranabot at:


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        Helisport CH77 Ranabot OK-SHA-66 as seen at a private residence in the Czech Republic


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          More CH77 ..


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            CH77 in Annecy


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              Seeing your post on the CH-77 jogged my memory, way back in the early 90s we had it's predecessor the Elisport CH-7 Angel in the UK aptly registered G-HALO on 12.11.93. At the time I was working with Lothian Helicopters using Yorkshire Helicopter Centres Jetrangers for pleasure flying. I was at Finningley Air Show where it was on static display and it then pulled into the Yorkshire Helicopter Centre site in Doncaster where I photographed it. Interesting to note back then it was an Elisport ? When did they start calling the company Helisport.

              Photo by Helipixman


              • Savoia
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                Lovely photo Elipix .. and why am I not surprised that you even have a shot of an 'early' EliSport!

                EliSport changed their name to Heli-Sport in 1997, most probably for marketing reasons as some outside Italy don't easily identify with the missing 'H'.

                AFAIK there isn't a single CH-77 in the UK and which I have found surprising.

                A little history on the CH-7 in case you are interested:

              • Helipixman
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                Thats an interesting article which I will complete reading tomorrow, There has only ever been G-HALO in the UK and so far no CH-77s