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    Eli-Fly's SE3160 Alouette III I-DASO (cn 1318) as seen in Alzate Brianza on 17th May 2014 (Photo: Giorgio Varisco)


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      Axalp Fliegerschiessen

      Axalp Fliegerschiessen Alouette III V-262 as seen in Switzerland in 2010


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        Indian Army

        Indian Army SA315B HAL Cheetah/Lancer Z1443 (cn 2332)

        Indian Army HAL Cheetah/Lancer Z1443 (cn 2332) as seen in Delhi on 15th January 2013 (Photo: Angad Singh)


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          F-GKBS at L'hippodrome de Lisieux Racecourse


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            HA-PPC (ex XP967) Visiting Jet Art in Selby, Yorkshire on 7th July


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              Airstar SA315B I-DENY (cn 2525) atop Punta Gnifetti, on Monte Rosa in the Pennine Alps of Italy in July 2016
              (Photo: Damiano Gualdoni)

              For a short time in 1986, this craft was with UK-based Dollar Helicopters.


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                Aviaforan Down

                Dear Friends, one of our members was involved in an accident yesterday at 'Steve's Aerodrome' of Breighton in Yorkshire.

                Five people have been injured in a helicopter crash in East Riding. The accident happened at Breighton Airfield near Howden.

                Emergency services were called to the scene just after 6pm including fire and ambulance services. The helicopter, a historic Alouette which can carry a pilot and four passengers, is believed to have been involved in an accident in a grass area alongside the main runway.

                It is thought some of the injuries are serious but not life-threatening and two people were airlifted to hospital, one to Leeds General and one to Hull Royal Infirmary

                A spokesman for North Yorkshire Fire Service said: "We mobilised two units to attend and we requested two engines from Humberside. At 6.14pm we had confirmation it was a helicopter crash on the grass side of the runway.

                "There were five casualties that were being treated by members of the public and one paramedic. All our personnel have now left and the incident is now in the hands of the Air Accident Investigation Branch."

                HA-PPC after her crash at Breighton Aerodrome on 17th July 2016 (Photo: Sean Stewart)


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                  Originally posted by Savoia View Post

                  Aviaforan Down

                  Dear Friends, one of our members was involved in an accident yesterday at 'Steve's Aerodrome' of Breighton in Yorkshire.
                  Nigel is not very well, but hopefully the broken bones will mend properly. He's having an MRI scan this morning prior to surgery.
                  Les is in a similar way in Hull infirmary. The others all have damage, but hopefully not life-threatening.


                  • Savoia
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                    Steve, thank you for this up-date.

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                  Remembering Nigel

                  Nigel with HA-PPC at Birmingham Airport on 4th September 2012



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                    SE3130 Alouette II G-BVSD (cn 1897) as seen at Gloucester Staverton Airport on 16th August 2016 (Photo: James)


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                      HA-PPF Ops at Dráva Heliport, Budapest


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                        Airgreen's SA315B I-GREN (cn 2482) as seen at Aeroporto Torino-Aeritalia on 2nd July 2016 (Photo: Mario Serrano)


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                          SA313B F-GLRS (cn 1346) as seen at Istres-Le Tubé Air Base (to the northwest of Marseille, France) on 4th June 2016 (Photo: Joop de Groot)

                          It is difficult to post the Alouette II without thinking of Nigel. RIP


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                            SE313B Alouette II F-GIJE (cn 1003) as seen in Lens, France on 1st September 2007 (Photo: David Biscove)


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                              Air Glaciers SA315B HB-XZU Departure from Zinal


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                                Alouette II For Sale


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                                  SE3130 Alouette II, G-BVSD, (cn 1897) as seen at the Helicopter Museum, Weston-super-Mare on 2nd April 2017
                                  (Photo: Steve Sullivan)

                                  Owned by Michael Cuttell this craft sports a Swiss Air Force livery with accompanying 'V-54' markings. This aircraft first flew at Marignane in November 1963 and was delivered to the Swiss Air Force on 13th February 1964. After more than 30 years service it was sold to a UK buyer on 11th June 1994. (Photograph and details courtesy of the 'Friends of the Helicopter Museum').

                                  The Alouette II is such a classic helicopter, if only there were a few more of them about, especially in the UK!

                                  This aircraft appears to be wearing something which resembles a roof rack!


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                                    Helinord Start and Depart with Underslung Load


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                                      >> Aviafora Exclusive <<

                                      UK Army Air Corps Alouette II Saved by Aviaforan

                                      The British Ministry of Defence have tragically denied funding to the Army Air Corps Historic Flight necessitating the flight to sell off the Army's only airworthy Alouette II.

                                      This aircraft could have been lost forever had it not been for the goodwill of Aviafora member 'Steve' who has recently purchased the craft.

                                      Not only has this aircraft been rescued, but Steve says that he will maintain the craft's original livery and that as his schedule permits he will enable the craft to be viewed at various public events.

                                      While astonished at the MoD's lack of commitment towards preserving the AAC's Historic Flight, Aviafora are extremely grateful to Steve for rescuing this iconic aircraft and for his commitment to keeping what was the AAC's last airworthy Alouette in the skies!

                                      Welcome to Crabtree's Army Air Corps Alouette ..

                                      SE3130 Alouette II XR379 (cn 1583) as seen at Middle Wallop on 26th September 2008 (Photo: Kieron)

                                      The Army's last Alouette II, XR379, having been abandoned by the UK's Ministry of Defence, is now in private hands and being cared for by a member of Aviafora.


                                      • Helipixman
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                                        Fantastic addition to the fleet. Congratulations Steve.

                                      • N48284
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                                        I must say that the MOD no longer own the historic flight and they have needed to boost funds recently to pay for the winter maintenance on the flights airworthy Scout, Sioux, Beaver and Auster. The Alouette was not a historically important aircraft for the AAC so unfortunately it was decided that to increase funds it needed to be sold. At least Steve has plans to keep it original.

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                                      SA315B Lama OH-HWW (cn 2649) as seen in Keuruu, Finland on 27th July 2015 (Photo: Sebastian Viinikainen)

                                      Belonging to Heliwork Finland.


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                                        SA341B RA-2165G as seen at Novotitarovskaya Airfield in Russia on 18th June 2017 (Photo: Dmitry Aksenov)


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                                          >> Aviafora Exclusive <<

                                          XR379 Readying to Return to UK

                                          The British Army's last surviving Alouette, XR379 an SE3130 Alouette II, was rescued by a member of Aviafora earlier this year after the Army Air Corps Historic Flight announced that they could no longer afford to keep her airworthy.

                                          We are pleased to report that this craft has during the past week completed ground runs following a major overhaul in Hungary. The aircraft is scheduled for post-maintenance test flights next week and is likely to be back in the UK in July.

                                          Aviafora takes this opportunity to thank 379's new owner for his commitment to keeping alive this unique example of British rotary-wing history.

                                          Bravo Stefano!

                                          XR379 as seen in Hungary this past week performing post-overhaul ground runs (Photo: Crabtree Helistables)


                                          • Zishelix
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                                            Well done Steve for keeping such a nice piece of aviation history (British one especially) in life!

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                                          Lama Down in Austria

                                          A Wucher Helikopter SA315B Lama OE-EXU MSN 2478 crashed yesterday in Austria while engaged in load-lifting operations. The pilot escaped without injury.



                                          Rough translation: Flying logs, the helicopter returned to land to refuel the machine "the pilot had to make an abrupt control input" so the main rotor contacted the tail boom and the machine crashed.

                                          OE-EXU at Ludesch Airport in July 2012
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                                            SE3130 Alouette II ZU-RAM (cn. 1440) as seen at Wonderboom Airport in South Africa on 10th June 2017 (Photo: Garth Calitz)


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                                              SE3130 Alouette II ZU-RAR (cn. 1383) near Brakpan Airfield in South Africa in 2017 (Photo: Anton Nel)


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                                                >> Aviafora Exclusive <<

                                                XR379 About to receive C of A

                                                The British Army's last surviving Alouette, XR379, an SE3130 Alouette II now owned by a member of Aviafora, is currently awaiting her Certificate of Airworthiness having returned to the UK after completing overhaul. Her new airworthiness certificate is due within the coming weeks.

                                                In the meantime 1583 has become the first Alouette to be placed on the Guernsey register and now wears the designator 2-ALOU.

                                                Again, we offer our great thanks to Steve for saving this craft and for keeping this wonderful piece of Army Air Corps history aloft!

                                                SE3130 Alouette II 2-ALOU (1583) as seen at Crab Tree Farm on 23rd October 2017 (Photo: Stefano)

                                                Steve has confirmed that this historic bird (the AAC's last Alouette) will be available to see at one or more air shows in 2018.


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                                                  Air-Glaciers Lama Displays the Vuichard Recovery Technique

                                                  Claude Vuichard uses a spray-equipped Lama to demonstrate the effectiveness of his recovery technique from VRS.

                                                  Learn more about Claude's discovery here.


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                                                    'ALOU 2' Airborne

                                                    SE3130 Alouette II 2-ALOU (1583) as seen at Breighton Aerodrome on 11th November 2017



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                                                      More 2-ALOU ..

                                                      SE3130 Alouette II 2-ALOU (1583) as seen at Breighton on 18th November 2017 (Photo: David Marshall)


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                                                        OE-XHN in the Allgäu Alps Bavaria