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    REGA SA319B HB-XRC sn1905 Grindelwald, Switzerland Feb 1988

    Destroyed in 1993, this aircraft ex N7325, was reportedly once in, or destined for, Rhodesia.



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      Austrian Air Force SA316B Alouette III 3E-KL as seen at Zell am See in Austria on 19th February 2018 (Photo: Soos Jozef)


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        XR379 Returns to Wallop

        The Army Air Corp's former Historic Flight Alouette II XR379 (cn.1583) has made her first return to AAC Middle Wallop this past weekend when her new owner (a member of Aviafora) brought her to the Auster 80th Anniversary meet which was organised by another Avia member.
        Congratulations to Stefano for rescuing this bird and making her available for the public to enjoy!

        Avia member Stefano with SE3130 Alouette II 2-ALOU (cn.1583) ex-XR379 as seen at Middle Wallop on 7-8th April 2018 attending the Auster 80th Anniversary fly in

        2-ALOU night shoot at Middle Wallop 7-8 April 2018 (Photo:Paul Varcoe)


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          SE313B F-GLPV landing in Gmunden, Austria in 2013


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            Alouette II F-AZYQ Used in Prison Break

            A notorious gangster is on the run after escaping by helicopter from a prison in the Paris region.

            Redoine Faid was helped by three heavily-armed men with assault rifles.

            Two gunmen in balaclavas used smoke bombs and angle-grinders to break into the visitors' room where Faid was talking to his brother.

            A third man in the prison courtyard guarded the helicopter and its pilot - a flying instructor whom the men had taken hostage.

            The helicopter flew to the nearby Gonesse area, where it was found by local police.

            Faid, 46, has been serving a 25-year sentence for a failed robbery during which a police officer was killed.

            This is the armed robber's second prison break: in 2013, he escaped after seizing four guards as human shields and blowing several doors off with dynamite.

            Alouette II F-AZYQ landed on this road in the Gonesse area north-east of Paris on Sunday 1st July 2018 following a prison break from Reau prison to the south of Paris

            F-AZYQ being secured by investigators

            F-AZYQ be readied for transportation

            F-AZYQ loaded on truck to be taken away for examination

            It seems as if Alouettes are the helicopter of choice for prison busters!

            Alouette III Down in Austria

            An Alouette III, 3E-KT, belonging to the Austrian Air Force crashed on Friday 29th June 2018 at Plöckenpass-Wolayersee in Austria.

            The aircraft which had four persons on board reportedly encountered a 'freak' tailwind resulting in a heavy landing which caused the helicopter to roll over. The aircraft then caught fire and was destroyed. None of those on board were injured.

            Alouette 3E-KT belonging to the Austrian Air Force

            The remains of 3E-KT


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              Alouette II Down in Croatia

              Aviafora Founding Member Zishelix reports that Croatia's only Alouette II 9A-HAT crashed this morning just before 11am while flying over Zlarin Island.

              Two of the three persons on board sustained injuries, although these are reported not to be life-threatening.

              While the cause of the crash remains unknown, initial reports are suggesting a mechanical failure of some sort.

              SE313B Alouette II 9A-HAT (cn.1841) as seen this morning on Zlarin Island in Croatia following a crash landing

              Information courtesy of Aviaforan Zishelix.

              See a photo here which Zishelix posted in 2014 of 9A-HAT.

              Update 1

              Feedback from the pilot on the afternoon of 3rd July suggests he 'may' have hit something such as a bird or a drone.


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                SA318C Alouette II HA-LFZ (cn.2043) as seen at an unconfirmed location on 22nd April 2006 (Photo: Robert Hodgson)


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                  HA-LFZ. Photo taken outside my hangar at Breighton Yorkshire. Heli owned by the late great Graham Snook (aka the 'Leg End').

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                  Grazie Stefano!

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                HA-IDL Becomes 2-STEV

                The Alouette II HA-IDL (cn.1388) has recently been re-registered as 2-STEV.

                We are awaiting a first photo.

                SE3130 ALII HA-IDL (cn.1388) as seen at Goodwood (Photo by Andrew Scott)


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                  More Alouette News ..

                  HA-WKS Becomes 2-HAWK

                  2-HAWK Sud SA318C Alouette II (2068) ex HA-WKS, HA-RRY, OT-ACZ, OL-A68

                  2-HAWK was registered on 1.6.18 and 2-STEV was registered on 3.7.18

                  The previous registration of 2-STEV .... HA-IDL was a personalised registration to the owners company Interface Design Ltd



                  • Savoia
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                    Great stuff Elipix!

                • Indian Navy Alouette III's Saving Lives During Kerala Floods

                  Indian Navy rescues young boy

                  Pregnant woman rescued by Alouette III

                  Flashback ..

                  Indian Air Force Lama rescues pregnant woman during past flooding in the same area:


                  • Originally posted by Helipixman View Post
                    More Alouette News ..

                    HA-WKS Becomes 2-HAWK

                    2-HAWK Sud SA318C Alouette II (2068) ex HA-WKS, HA-RRY, OT-ACZ, OL-A68

                    2-HAWK was registered on 1.6.18 and 2-STEV was registered on 3.7.18
                    One small correrction here: 2-HAWK is ex HA-WKY (not HA-WKS). See the official Hungarian aircraft register at

                    On page 84 you will see that HA-WKS is c/n 2204 and HA-WKY is c/n 2068.


                    • Helipixman
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                      I stand corrected
                      thanks Jos

                  • F-GLPV

                    SA313B Alouette II F-GLPV (cn.1443) as seen at Salzburg Airport on 13th August 2018 (Photo by Markus Buttinger)


                    • Russian Lamas

                      SA315B RA-2165G (cn.2505) as seen in Beshtau, North Caucasus (ex HB-ZDG)

                      RA-2165G with RA-05746 in Beshtau, North Caucasus

                      SA315B RA-05746 (2368) as seen in Bezengi, Central Caucasus (ex HB-XPJ)


                      • Italy's I-ORLY Transferred to French Register

                        SA315B I-ORLY cn.2627 has been re-registered as F-HBTA.

                        SA315B I-ORLY (cn.2627) as seen in Ceresole Reale, Turin, on 1st May 2009 (P. Vione)


                        • Just seen the latest updates for the Guernsey register and only new helicopter is 2-WESX a Westland Wessex HC.2 c/n WA513

                          No mention of 2-LOUD the plot thickens !


                          • Savoia
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                            I think it 'may' be possible that this registration has been requested, perhaps even allocated, but that the registration process has (obviously) not yet been completed.

                            The 2-Reg does seem to be gaining popularity.