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  • Okanagan 206

    Bell 206B JetRanger II C-FCQE (cn 535) as seen in Banff, Alberta, Canada on 28th September 1983 (Photo: Steve Aubury)


    • Lynx and Scout

      Army Air Corps Lynx AH1 XZ172 (013) with Scout XW280 (F9735) as seen in the 1970's


      • Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger II G-AVIG (cn. 8004) as seen at Coventry on 18th May 1979 (Photo: Rob Hodgkins)

        Number 4 off Agusta's production line and the first JetRanger delivered to the UK, in March 1967.


        • S-76A G-BHLY 'Glenrothes' (76-0046) as seen at Farnborough on 5th September 1980 (Photo: Terry Fletcher)

          Jim Edmundson standing beside S-76A G-BISZ (76-0156) as seen at Blackpool in the late 80's early 90's (Photo: Stuart Bellis)


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            1987 Sav. I ran that operation for the Fina drilling campaign using the Rowan California jack up rig. G-BISZ used to be based in Redhill and was used by Management and the UK Charter department. The Bristow above the door was for advertising when the TV cameras were showing a VIP disembarking.

          • Savoia
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            Grazie mille I.I. - much appreciated!

            I seem to recall BISZ was the subject of some discussion on the former thread, including the issue of the over-door lettering. Great stuff!

            Nice to see the 'Spirit' titles on BHLY, probably just prior to the name-use infringement case, which I think occurred not long after.

        • Bell 206A G-AWJL (cn. 181) as seen at Farnborough in September 1968 (Photo: Jack Poelstra)

          G-AWJL was the 19th JetRanger to be registered in the UK (1968) and the second Bell-built example.

          Sadly, fourteen months after her delivery she was written-off in an accident at Leavesden Aerodrome.

          She was operated by Point-to-Point Helicopters.