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  • The Best of Airline Photography

    This thread is intended to showcase a collection of distinctive airline imagery.

    In an effort to develop an inspiring gallery, please only post those images which you consider to be unique, and or interesting, and which are of good quality.

    In this gallery we wish to accommodate unwatermarked and untagged photographs. Images unable to conform with this request may be posted on an alternative thread.

    * * *

    American Airlines Airbus A319-115 N9011P landing at Eagle County Regional Airport in Colorado on 28th December 2013
    (Photo: Ben Wang)

    I am thrilled to be able to commence this thread with the above photo from Ben Wang and to whom we are most grateful for his permission to post his work here on Aviafora.

    The light and colour in this image are simply spectacular!

    Ben, many thanks.

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    Lufthansa Airbus A380-841 D-AIMB departing Frankfurt International Airport in November 2013 as Lufthansa 462 bound for Miami (Photo: Alexander Karmazin)

    Dedicated by photographer Alexander Karmazin to Roy Watson and Hans-Christian Beck.


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      Qantas Airbus A380-842 VH-OQB aka "Hudson Fysh" over Northern Territory, Australia, on 3rd February 2010 flying as "Qantas 31 Super" en-route to Singapore (Photo: Tim Bowrey)

      Our great thanks to Tim for this super photo!


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        Few years ago I came across this:

        SAS B737 above the Great Alps (Photo Serdar Yorulmaz)


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          South African Airways Airbus A340-642 ZS-SNG landing at Munich's Franz Josef Strauss International Airport in Germany in the early morning of 30th March 2014 (Photo: THP)


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            Vietnam Airlines Boeing 777-26KER VN-A146 as seen southbound over Indonesia on 14th July 2011 (Photo: John Richard Thomson)


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              Wizz Air Airbus A320 HA-LWE as seen at Someşeni Airport Airport in Romania on 1st April 2012 (Photo: Ciorlaus Vicentiu)


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                Air Canada Boeing 787-8 C-GHPT, flying as "Canadian 7187", as seen crossing the Canadian border into Washington State on 15th October 2014 (Photo: Brian Losito)

                With our great thanks to Brian Losito for his kind permission to post this fantastic image on Aviafora!


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                  The Story Behind the Photo!

                  I don’t think there are many who would doubt just how ‘incredible’ Brian Losito’s shot (above) of Air Canada’s 787 Dreamliner is. So incredible in fact, that I just had to ask him how he did it.

                  And here is his reply:

                  “I shot this image using a remotely operated camera fitted inside a special pod which was carried beneath the wing of a Learjet (N49WA). Using a jet allows us to match the speed of the subject aircraft, in this case an Air Canada 787.

                  As the camera was rearward facing, it was a matter of flying ahead of the 787 and then coordinating with the pilots in order to position both aircraft in such a way so as to achieve the angles I wanted. The pilots did a great job.

                  Glad you like the photo!”

                  — Brian Losito

                  A member of Brian's team completes the installation of the specialist remotely operated underwing camera

                  Brian Losito with the camera control interface inside the Learjet

                  Brian's photo ship, N49WA, as seen from Air Canada's Dreamliner

                  Brian and his team position ahead of the 787

                  Job complete: Brian and his team with the Learjet and 787

                  Another big thank you to Brain for taking the time to explain the story behind this shoot and for these additional, wonderful photos!


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                    Korean Air Boeing 777-3B5ER HL8041 (cn.60375-1402) as seen at Shenyang Taoxian International Airport in China on 18th January 2018 (Photo: Shen Yi Ming)