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  • SA341C G-IBNH (cn.1033) as seen recently with a bear-like dog!

    Can anyone confirm the breed of dog in the above shot? Some sort or Terrier?

    Request to Gaz owners .. if you have a Gazelle and a dog .. please consider sending us a picture including them both. We (and our readers) would be much obliged! You can email your photos to ..


    • SA341G G-BLAO (cn.1097) landing in Herzliya, in the northern part of Tel Aviv, in Israel c. 1988

      Go to original post.

      Also, some Gaz footage (without sound) from 1980:


      • SA341H HA-LFL (cn.007) as seen Budaörs Airfield in Hungary on 1st September 2018

        Lebanese Air Force Gazelle September 2018

        SA342 SAFGaz as seen at Vojni Aerodrom Niš

        BATUS Gaz in 2018

        Will we seen an Avia member sponsored BATUS Gaz? Word is that it 'may' happen!


        • Storm Clouds Pick of the Week


          • 709 in Bratsk yesterday morning 16th September, getting ready for a special 'agricultural' mission

            Avia member Kirill collecting mushrooms yesterday (16th September) with 709, approx. 70 kms to the east of Bratsk in Russia not far from the banks of the Angara River

            "My, what big mushrooms you have" said the mother bear!

            709 back at her home hangar on the evening of 16th September 2018 after her mushroom collecting expedition

            Below: Avia member Kirill with 709 in Ust-Ilimsk near the Angara River in Russia


            SA341D G-VOIP (WA1792) as seen at Biggin Hill on 13th September 2018 (Photo by Andy Patsalides)

            Avia Stats

            Hmm ...

            I'm assuming our forum software has finally hit the wall .. because when I submitted the above post the visitor count was showing 265 visitors (see the screen shot below).

            We are just a little group of enthusiasts with a slender scope of interest trying to mind our own business and hopefully steer clear of the sniping and muck-slinging which is to be found elsewhere. Based on this, the visitor numbers don't make much sense.

            I am sure however that things will soon return to normal!


            • Atom Legend
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              Hi all, I'm Kirill and I want to tell you that picking mushrooms with a Kalashnikov, feel much more comfortable in Siberia, especially in our places where a lot of wild bears and there are cases of attacks on people. In addition, the mushrooms just give up seeing you armed.

            • Zishelix
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              Ah so, thanks for explanation Kirill. I can imagine it's recommendable to have some 'good argument' in hands when meeting Siberian woods inhabitants

              By the way, what's those bulbs which could be seen under rear skid legs on your Gazelle?
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            • Atom Legend
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              We have installed additional taxiing light, very bright, allows you to be identified in poor visibility and well repels birds on takeoff and landing....

          • G-ZZEL as seen at Weston-super-Mare in Jun 23rd, 2018 (Photo: Kev Slade)


            • South Africa

              Unidentified Gazelle as seen at Grand Central Airport in South Africa


              Serbian 'Gazellers' in 2018


              • SA341B ZA772 (WA1814) from 665 Squadron seen arriving at RAF Fairford on 12th July 2018 for RIAT

                Below: The same craft departing RIAT on 16th July 2018


                • The same Gazelle photographed few days later (July 16th) at Fairford by Mr Xiaoyu Yan

                  The sticker moved on the tail fin

                  Seeing as we talk about army Gazelles, there is a copper etching of an army Gazelle available now on ebay for about £20.



                  • Savoia
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                    Very nice!

                • SA341F2 ZU-RLD (cn.1659) as seen at ALM Tractor World in Sasolburg, South Africa in September 2018

                  SA341F2 ZU-RLD (cn.1659) as seen at Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge in Pilanesberg, South Africa in September 2018

                  SA341F ZU-RLE (cn.1678) as seen at Ermelo Airfield in South Africa on 9th April 2018 (Photo by Jarryd Sinovich)


                  • SA342L 241 (cn.1854) as seen at Baldonnel's Casement Aerodrome in December 2005 (Photo by Frank Grealish)


                    • Sad But True

                      It is sad that the relative peace and stability enjoyed across much of Europe since the end of WW2 is now at and end? And is this true? The answer to both is yes.

                      Don't be an 'ostrich', don't deny what is taking place, but instead become informed and be prepared.

                      We live in an age where to fail to do so will expose us and our loved ones to risk.

                      My advice?

                      1). Make peace with God. Europe was founded on the principles of Christianity (do the research) and has been much blessed because of this, but she has wandered far from this path and we now suffer the consequences. Forget the church, the church (for the most part) is deeply compromised and in its larger manifestations has become completely political. Just turn to God directly. Pray, read the Bible, teach your family to do the same.

                      2). Diligently consider where you live and the type of work you do and make a 'risk assessment' which includes the fundamental questions: a). Is my domicile in a location or region which is exposed to high risk? b). Does my work/business offer any immunity from economic downturn or substantial changes in purchasing trends/priorities?

                      3). Prepare yourself and your family physically.

                      With regard to No.3, and seeing as this is something I have never mentioned before, I wish to recommend Krav Maga:

                      Krav Maga UK — Krav Maga Italia — Krav Maga Belgique — Krav Maga International

                      Yes, its sad that one needs to consider these things, but by doing so you could end up saving your family and others.

                      Sound dramatic? Sure it does, and I accept that many will laugh this off as nonsense. No problem, if that concerned me, believe me I wouldn't post such things. I too discounted these warnings in years past, so I know how 'silly' it can sound.

                      So why write these things?

                      Oh, that is easy to answer. For the sake of the few who sense or believe that there is a threat to our society, who recognise that this threat grows by the day, and for whom doing nothing is not an option. It is for these that I share what I know to be true.

                      We should never be afraid, but we should be prepared.