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  • SA342J HA-LFH (cn 1775) as seen at Phalsbourg-Bourscheid Air Base (Camp de la Horie) on 15th June 2014 (Photo: Jerome Mervelet)


    • md600driver
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      beautifull i flew her from crabtree farm in the uk direct to bourshield via belgium and returned 1 week later
      all the french army said was you have carpets and leather seats

  • SA341G YU-HES with a De Havilland DH115 Vampire G-VTII (WZ507) as seen at North Weald Airport on 30th August 2009 (Photo: Paul)


    • Heliduebi SA341G I-LDAV, Lago di Como, 2003


      • SA341 Soko Gazelle YU-HEO as seen at Novi Sad Airport (Аеродром Ченеј) in Čenej, Serbia in April 2007 (Photo: Pedja Stamenkovic)


        • From yellow to mellow!

          Miss Judith poses next to a Gazelle (Photo: Steve Ürmös)

          Specifically which Gazelle I am not altogether sure, perhaps (as always) Zis will know!


          • md600driver
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            picture taken at hidroplan nord in vesprim hungary

        • It's HA-LFO


          • I was sure you would know!

            More yellow ..

            Slovenian SA341H Soko Gazelle S5-HCR


            • One more for the "yellow Gazelles" theme.

              Rotor Club of France SA.341G F-GEHE Nice Apt July 1990

              ... plus this one ..


              • Nice one Zis!

                Looks as if that could be one of Heli Air Monaco's early 206's in the background.

                Air Zermatt SA341G Westland Gazelle (cn WA1039) HB-XIL as seen at Bern-Belp Airport in August 1980 (Photo: Markus Herzig)

                And again ..

                HB-XIL as seen at Hamble-le-Rice Aerodrome, Hampshire, in August 1982 (Photo: Steve Barnes)


                • McAlpine Aviation SA341G Westland Gazelle G-BBHW as seen at Cranfield Aerodrome c. 1980 (Photo: Steve Barnes)


                  • SA341G HA-LFJ as seen at Hajmáskér Airport in Hungary on 2nd July 2009 (Photo: Adam)


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                      • More red and white ..

                        SA341G N1831A (cn 1200) as seen at Monterey Airport, California, on 4th August 2003


                        • One more for the red & white collection.

                          Also, over the weekend ...

                          9A-HAT (the only Alouette II in Croatia) turned-up at my local airfield:

                          It was great to hear the Artouste in action.

                          You are welcome to check-out my gliding photos on the gliding forum.


                          • As it happens I enjoy the sound of the Artouste even more than the Astazou!

                            Nice to see the gliding pics, grazie.

                            More Gaz ..

                            SA341G HA-LFA as seen at Budapest Heliport on 29th July 2012 (Photo: Alexander Demetrius)

                            SA341GC I-PNIC as seen at Brescia (Gabriele D'Annunzio) Airport in Montichiari in September 2009 (Photo: Stefano R.)


                            • md600driver
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                              i bought halfa at the same time as halfg in israell from Chim nir and transported them to hidroplan nord in hungary who overhauled both of them one for me and one for a friend

                          • Some background information on HA-LFA here.


                            • That was an interesting link XB - especially as we looked at some 'Hebrew' Gazelles earlier on!

                              Westland Gazelle HT3 G-CBKA (cn WA1746) as seen at Breighton Aerodrome on 22nd September 2013 (Photo: Eddie Walker)

                              Some people refer to helicopters as flying windmills .. G-CBKA just happens to be owned by a John Windmill!


                              • Today my friend Peter came with his new toy. It has been completely disassembled and repainted in and out.

                                This is a stretched Gazelle and is fitted with an intake muffler, aux fuel tank, aux CD player with CD changer, Garmin transponder and a radar altimeter. The aircraft has good remaining component times.

                                As promised, here are the photos:


                                • Fantastico XB!

                                  We wish your friend many happy hours in this lovely craft.

                                  (You can tell him that these days people are using iPods and MP3 players however, as they offer more songs and weigh less).

                                  Out of interest, when crossing the Channel (such as when you brought over N505HA) which is your preferred route?

                                  Le Touquet and Calais are popular and I suppose for Belgium then the Lydd to Calais (Dunkerque) is preferred?


                                  • Another trip was Cambridge - Ostend, that is a long trip over the north sea, 72 NM precisely :-)


                                    • And there I was thinking that all single-engine drivers always chose the shortest route across water!

                                      More I-PNIC ..

                                      SA341GC I-PNIC


                                      • Gaz drawings ..

                                        Iraqi armed Gazelle

                                        And if you like 3D renderings ..

                                        More 3D (and 360) drawings here.


                                        • N340SM:




                                          • Summer holidays!

                                            Let your children build and fly a scale Gaz ..


                                            • Carole Evans and James Blaylock's SA341B G-CDNO (formerly XX432) as seen at Cromer Northrepps Airfield in Norfolk on 3rd August 2014 (Photo: Graham Reeve)


                                              • I took this picture last year:


                                                • Nice one XB!

                                                  American Gaz ..

                                                  SA341G N505NM as seen landing at Ramona Airport in San Diego County, California on 31 May 2003 (Photo: Tony Zeljeznjak)


                                                  • For Zis (when he gets back)!

                                                    A couple more examples of the 1 Franc, 30 Centime First Day Cover Gazelle stamp from 31st May 1975:


                                                    • L'armée de Terre:


                                                      • East Lancashire Boy Sam Shaw on Cloud Nine After Gazelle Flight

                                                        Five-year-old Sam Shaw was flying high as his recovery from a life-threatening cancer continued.

                                                        The youngster from Hoddlesden was given a special trip in a helicopter courtesy of a generous local businessman.

                                                        It comes as Sam’s life has returned to some normality following a long battle against neuroblastoma.

                                                        A public appeal with donations coming from across East Lancashire and beyond helped fund £250,000 immunotherapy treatment in America.

                                                        And earlier this year, the St Paul’s Primary School pupil was given the all clear, much to the delight of parents Christine and Carl, of Glencoe Avenue.

                                                        Last week Steve Hartley, boss of Darwen metal fabrication firm WEC, took Sam and his new friend Sam Lomax for a ride in his personal helicopter.

                                                        Recovering from cancer: Sam Shaw, left, with friend Sam Lomax, who were
                                                        treated to a flight in a Gazelle belonging to British businessman Steve Hartley

                                                        Mum Christine said: “Twelve months before, Sam was three weeks into an eight-week hospital admission where he was in complete isolation.

                                                        “He was unable to eat or drink, was vomiting hourly, and losing weight fast and was in agony from the gruelling high-dose chemotherapy.”

                                                        It was at this time that Sam, who has a keen interest in all modes of transport, decided he wanted to have a ride in a variety of different vehicles.

                                                        Christine added: “We tried to keep his spirits alive by doing a ‘wish list’, including some things that were very simple such as seeing his grandads again, going home and sleeping in his own bed, to more ambitious things like like sitting in every kid of vehicle he could think of.

                                                        “Thankfully, Steve Hartley helped grant the wish for Sam to fly in a helicopter giving Sam a truly amazing experience on such a beautiful, sunny, clear evening.

                                                        “Sam had asked if his new friend from school could join him on the helicopter and Steve very kindly allowed Sam’s friend, me and nana to join him on the most incredible helicopter experience.

                                                        “We are always astounded by people’s generosity and support so once again a heartfelt thanks for putting a smile on our brave little boy’s face.”

                                                        Mr Hartley, who flies the helicopter himself, said: “He brought a little friend and his mum and grandma came along and it put a big smile on his face.

                                                        “It was a fantastic evening and he really enjoyed it.”