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  • Q: What do you do when you find yourself taxiing behind a slow-moving fixed-wing?

    A: Overtake and land on the taxiway directly in front of it of course!

    Compliments to the driver on his landing though. Right skid down .. maintain control .. left skid down. Nicely done!

    When Zis gets back maybe he can tell us which Gaz this is.


    • Kurt and XB at Koksijde!

      N700SH and N341AS as seen at Koksijde Air Base in northwest Belgium on 3rd August 2014 (Photo: Berend Jan Floor)


      • When your car just isn't fast enough .. there's only one way to drive!


        • Regarding the Gaz owned by Steve Hartley in the news story at the bottom of the previous page, I think this may be YU-HET, formerly F-GFDG:

          SA342J Gazelle YU-HET as seen at Gloucester's Staverton Airport in August 2011 (Photo: Alan Greening)


          • Serbian Gaz ..


            YU-HFI Interior


            YU-HFL Interior


            • Start and depart with Jonathan Gough's SA341C, G-SIVJ:


              • Trine Aerospace of Colorado Springs has recently received certification as a rotary-wing MRO. Included in Tine's maintenance services will be support for Gazelle helicopters.

                A Trine Aerospace mechanic performs an engine inspection on a Gazelle SA341F2 helicopter at the company's 30,000 sq. ft. commercial modification facility at Colorado Springs (KCOS) Airport. Trine has recently received certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that enables them to perform maintenance, repair and overhaul services on rotary-wing aircraft



                • More Gaz News ..

                  Heliflight UK have announced that they have added a new aircraft to their managed fleet .. in this case Gazelle WA1120, formerly RAF XW866, now G-BXTH.

                  G-BXTH, an HT3 SA341D, was registered to an Isle of Man entity on 11th August 2014.

                  SA341D G-BXTH now managed by Heliflight UK



                  • Am back folks, after my summer vacation. You can read about my time gliding here.

                    Will contribute some Gazelle talk soon!


                    • Welcome back Zis!

                      Am glad you got to top-up your gliding experience. Thanks for the link to your latest photos. Great stuff!

                      • In post #538 (previous page) I added a couple of 'new' Gaz stamp images. I didn't have these in my collection until recently but (knowing the extent of your collection) I suspect you already have them.
                      • In post #540 (previous page) there is an article about Steve Hartley's Gaz. I wasn't sure which craft he owned but in post #544 (this page) I've made a guess believing that it could be YU-HET.
                      • Do you have any ideas on the possible identity of the Gaz in the video in post #541?
                      And finally, the Serbian Gazelles (#545) are these 'converts' from military craft and, if so, are they likely to have been refurbished in Serbia and if so by whom?


                      • Thanks!

                        Re: the Gazelle on the video, it could be RP-C77, ex-XW903, now on the Philippine Register.


                        • Okay grazie.

                          SA341B Westland Gazelle G-CHZF as seen receiving maintenance at Stapleford Aerodrome on 22nd July 2014 (Photo: David Reeves)


                          • I don't know if this could be RP-C77? It's a Gaz in what I think is a Philippine hangar but, beyond that I have no further details!

                            SA341G (presumably in the Philippines) no further details


                            • md600driver
                              md600driver commented
                              Editing a comment
                              just a bit opf useless info for you we bought 2 gazelles from here a 341g and a 342J your correct in g gong and the 342J went on to be HA-LFH

                          • No, this was RP-C787, later C-GONG


                            • The Syrian Army has recently had to defend yet another attack by the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) on the the Al-Tabaqqa airbase in Al Raqqa province. Syrian Gazelles were apparently used during a battle with IS militia.

                              (Skip to 3:15 to see a brief clip of a Syrian Gazelle)

                              Moroccan Air Force SA342L Live Fire:

                              E7-ABI departure from Banja Luka Zalužani Airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina:


                              • Another shot of YU-HFI apparently taken on 30th August. Don't yet have an ID on the location.


                                • Gaz Flyers ..

                                  While with the Army Air Corps, Elaine Caulfield served as one of just five female pilots in the service.

                                  Evidently in her current career she is an actress!

                                  Elaine Caulfield (then a Captain in the AAC) at Walney Island Airport, Cumbria, in 1995

                                  Elaine introduces her father to the Gaz


                                  • Your photo of YU-HFI was taken two days ago at Vrsac airport, a small training facility located in eastern Serbia.

                                    It's demobbed 12825 c/n 069. The same registration was on today's RA 05702 (ex-12756 c/n 058).


                                    • More lady Gazelle flyers!

                                      Maria Micheli with Air Zermatt Gazelle HB-XMU in 1984


                                      • Ah sì Maria!

                                        I've not had the chance of meeting her yet!

                                        I haven't properly understood your comments about YU-HFI. Is it on the Russian register also?

                                        (Btw, that's a nice slope-landing by XMU's driver!)


                                        • I mentioned that c/n 058 had the same reg before it became RA 05702 so it looks like HFI is a popular registration for Gazelles.


                                          • Grazie Zis!

                                            Understood. I didn't appreciate that Serbia re-used their registrations.

                                            I imagine that Serbia are issuing something similar to the UK CAA 'Permit To Fly' for these aircraft?

                                            Gaz Nostalgia ..

                                            Army Air Corps Westland Gazelle AH1 XX440 as seen at RAF Gütersloh (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) on the 8th September 1980 (Photo: Willy Henderickx)

                                            Photographed at the beginning of exercise 'Autumn Forge'.


                                            • More G-BXTH ..

                                              SA341D G-BXTH as seen parked outside the Heliflight hangar at Gloucester's Staverton Airport in August 2014

                                              For the news item on G-BXTH please see post #548 above.


                                              • More G-SIVJ ..

                                                A video clip of G-SIVJ appears in post #546 (above). And here is another perspective:

                                                SA341C G-SIVJ departs Baxterley Airfield in Warwickshire on 27th July 2008 (Photo: Jim Groom)

                                                Formerly G-CBSG and ZB649.


                                                • Westland Gazelle SA341B XX449 (cn WA1443) as seen at Salisbury Plain Training Area on 4th February 2011 (Photo: Rick Ingham)

                                                  Former Army Air Corps Gazelle (ex-654 Squadron) currently flying with QinetiQ at Boscombe Down.


                                                  • Some of our readers may recall a contribution by photographer Pierre Gillard, most especially G-BUZZ on the Nostalgia Thread (see here).

                                                    A couple of months ago Pierre was in contact with Avia member Zishelix and mentioned his upcoming trip to Belgium. Zis in turn suggested that Pierre pay a visit to Avia member XB!

                                                    Here are some of the photos from the visit ..

                                                    (All photos are by Pierre Gillard, taken at Zomergem Helipad in northern Belgium on 17th July 2014):

                                                    Bravo to everyone involved!

                                                    Looks like it was a great day .. and with some super photos to boot!

                                                    Pierre's photo site can be viewed here.


                                                    • Army Air Corps SA341B Gazelle ZA731 as seen at Middle Wallop on 15th November 2011 (Photo: Graham Arnold)


                                                      • SA341G HA-LFW operated by Hidroplan Nord lands at Budapest's Prestige Heliport on 27th July 2014 to collect passengers being ferried to the Hungaroring circuit in Mogyoród during the Hungarian Grand Prix


                                                        • Luckily the quality of this thread doesn't depend on me... sorry for being such an irregular poster!

                                                          This is the Gazelle model which appeared at a local Scale Modeller's Contest.


                                                          • Molto bene!

                                                            Scale model of F-WTNA

                                                            For actual photos of F-WTNA see page 2.